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Spring Cleaning Your Closet: Make Room for a Wardrobe Refresh!

April 4, 2022
Written by Aaron

Spring cleaning is on everyone’s minds this time of year—few things feel more refreshing than clearing out old junk and making room for new and exciting things! After a long stretch of working from home and staying cooped up indoors all winter, we’re eager to give our closets a spring overhaul. No more scrubby sweatpants and pyjamas all day—it’s time to step into spring feeling cool and confident with some gorgeous new additions for your closet.


Add Your Closet to Your List of Spring Cleaning Tasks

Take an afternoon off, grab an iced coffee and put on a fun, pump-up playlist! It’s time to clean our closets—out with the old, in with the new. But before you toss any old clothes in the trash, take the mindful approach and consider how you can purge your closet while also doing some good for the community.

Eising Garden Centre -Spring Cleaning Your Closet -cleaning out closet

How to Purge Your Closet Sustainably

Removing all the old stuff from your closet and tossing them in the trash won’t do much good—those pieces will just end up in a landfill. Here are some tips for giving back to the community and our environment while you clean out your closet:

  • Donate undamaged pieces to a local women’s shelter. Avoid donating pieces with stains or holes. Donate things that people will appreciate!
  • Search for local retailers or designers with garment collection or upcycling programs. Sometimes they will take damaged pieces off your hands to transform them into something new. 
  • Cut ripped or stained items made from natural fibres into squares to use as cleaning cloths. 
  • Break out the sewing kit and get crafty! Turn old tees and sweaters into quilts, tote bags—the sky’s the limit!


Once you’ve made some space in your closet, visit the Sassyfras Boutique to find new pieces you’ll love!


Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe with Versatile Pieces That Last

The best items in your closet are the ones you can mix and match, day and night. Here are some must-have spring items from Sassyfras that deserve a spot in your closet.

Eising Garden Centre -Spring Cleaning Your Closet -fresh pair of jeans

A Fresh Pair of Quality Jeans

Is there anything more versatile than a well-tailored pair of straight-leg jeans? Wear them with a cute tee for a casual weekend, or fancy blouse for date night, or a fun, printed kimono and tank top for parties. It’s worth investing in a good quality pair—they’ll last for years longer than cheap jeans that could bust at the seams while you’re busting a move. 

Eising Garden Centre -Spring Cleaning Your Closet -quality pair of leggings

Bamboo Leggings

If you’re ready to leave your sweatpants in 2021 but still want to stay comfortable and unrestricted, you absolutely have to try bamboo leggings. The breathable, natural material is eco-friendly and sustainable, and the materials are so flattering. They don’t always look like casual activewear—black leggings can look super chic if you pair them with a breezy blouse or a peplum top. 

Eising Garden Centre -Spring Cleaning Your Closet -black and white tees for layering

Black and White Tees for Layering

If you’re dying to wear that cute, strappy sundress, but the spring weather is still a bit chilly, layer it onto a white or black dressy tee! This ‘90s look is back in style and feels fresher than ever. On casual days, slip on some jeans and do a French tuck with your tee (tucked in the front, loose in the back) and add a chunky statement belt. Effortlessly chic!

Eising Garden Centre -Spring Cleaning Your Closet -shirts from Sassyfrass boutique

Jackets and Cardigans

Chilly spring mornings can quickly turn into hot, sunny afternoons, so cardigans and jackets are clothes closet essentials! Look for pieces in universally flattering colours that match almost everything: white, grey, black, and navy or royal blue. Avoid wearing denim jackets the same colour as your jeans, or you’ll be sporting the not-so-chic “Canadian Tuxedo.” 

-womens accessories from Sassyfras Boutique

Fun, Creative Accessories

When your wardrobe consists of easy-to-match pieces in solid colours and neutral tones, you have so much freedom to express yourself with cool accessories! Try hats and purses in cute spring pastels, chunky belts to jazz up a tee shirt and jeans, or chunky earrings and necklaces. Silky scarves are great, too—you can tie them around your neck or onto your purse!

The Sassyfras Boutique at Eising Garden Centre is bursting with gorgeous new spring items just waiting to find their new home in your closet. Visit us soon to see all the newest pieces in our collection!

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