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How To Layer for Fall & Early Winter Weather

October 11, 2021
Written by Aaron

Will today be hot or cold? Honestly, who knows? Knowing how to layer your clothes for November weather can be tricky, but here are some great tips to keep you cool (or cozy).


How Should I Dress for Fall and Early Winter?

Dressing during the fall and early winter months can be some of the trickiest. The weather can change in an instant and you’ll need to be ready to add or take off layers at any given moment. Thank goodness for layers! Layering is perfect because you can always take one off to cool down, but you’ll never be too cold. Besides, it gives you a chance to show off your favourite cold-weather pieces!

Sassyfras boutique layering jacketsThe Basics of Layering Clothes

In some ways, layering the perfect cold-weather outfit comes down to a formula. While you can always use a variation of this, it’s a good place to start! 

Layer 1: A basic tank top, camisole, or thin shirt with short or long sleeves.

Layer 2: A shirt with a collar. You could try a solid-coloured shirt, plaid, or denim.

Layer 3: Add a warm and stylish sweater like a cardigan, pullover, or vest. Let the collar from layer 2 pop out!

Layer 4: Your last layer will be the heaviest and warmest layer. Check the forecast and decide between a puffer coat, vest, wool coat, or a denim jacket. 

Layering Colour Palettes With Cold Weather Clothing

Autumn hues are one of the best parts of the chilly season. Rich reds, maroons, mustard, greens, camel, and earthy tones shine during fall, but try to think outside the box and choose an unexpected colour palette, too. 

monochromatic layering Sassyfras boutique

Monochromatic Mood: Monochromatic doesn’t just mean black or white, you can create an entire outfit based on a colour you adore. For example, if you’re obsessed with green, mix and match your fall outfit layers in hues of green like emerald, sage, and olive.

Vibrant Vibes: Even if the days are dreary, you can still be bright by adding a bit bold with the layers of your outfit. Choose a bright collared shirt for a small pop of colour under a sweater, or go big with a  bomber jacket. 

Earthy Essentials: Layer your favourite fall-toned clothes to embody the spirit of autumn! There’s no shortage of fall and winter clothing in earthy shades that remind us of falling leaves and beautiful forests. Don’t forget your accessories! Look for jewelry and footwear in fall shades like burgundy, sage, mustard, and camel.

cardigan from Sassyfras boutiqueParty in a Cardi

Layering with a fun cardigan is one way to add excitement to your cold-weather clothes. Cardigans also come in so many fun patterns and textures, and you can find them in almost every type of knit and fabric. You’ll never be bored with your fall and winter wardrobe if it’s filled with these versatile pieces!

How to Layer a Dress for Fall and Winter

Whether you’re attending a fall wedding or just love wearing dresses year-round, you’ll want to know how to layer all of your clothes to stay warm and trendy. 

We hope these tips can help you stay warm, cozy, and trendy this fall. If you’re looking for fall and winter clothes in Simcoe, visit our Sassyfras boutique. We’re bursting with seasonal looks that we’d love to see you walk out with! 

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