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Our Roots

At Eisings we're more than just a business; we're a community of passionate individuals dedicated to nurturing your connection with nature. Our journey began with a simple love for plants, and it has blossomed into a haven where dreams come to life.

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Eising Garden Centre started as a little glass greenhouse in 1966 in the hamlet of Renton, Ontario. Back then, Henry Sr and Lena Eising were selling juicy red tomatoes from a small roadside stand.

Together, they grew their hobby greenhouse into Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre, with Henry Sr. growing vegetables to take to the market, and Lena starting up (quite accidentally!) the flower side of the business.
Continuing the
Now, the second generation of Eisings is leading Eising Garden Centre in a fresh new direction. Henry Jr and Marjolein Eising pride themselves on their family tradition of providing high-quality plants and exceptionally friendly service that make every visit memorable.

The garden centre now offers a trendy fashion boutique and custom landscaping and consulting services.
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Our Green Initiatives

At Eisings, we're deeply committed to nurturing not just your gardens but also our planet. Our dedication to sustainability shines through every aspect of our operations.
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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Instead of relying on harmful insecticides, we utilize beneficial insects to protect our plants. This ensures a thriving ecosystem within our garden centre.
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Water and Fertilizer Conservation
To minimize water consumption and reduce the environmental impact, water runoff is carefully efficiently collected and recycled. Maintaining the vibrancy and health of our plants with a minimal environmental footprint.
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Pot Recycling Program
Simply bring in your old containers, and we'll ensure they find a new purpose. By sending them to a recycling facility, we contribute to the creation of new containers, closing the loop on sustainability
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At Eising Garden Centre, we aren’t just tending plants; we’re nurturing a sense of community. We’re proud supporters of community events for local gardens, churches, schools, sports teams, health centres, charities, and horticultural societies.
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Together, our team at Eising’s is committed to making your gardening experience enjoyable, educational, and successful! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, we’re here to support you!

Our crew is ready and equipped to help answer all your questions. Come meet the team and let’s grow something wonderful together!
Back Row: Cathy, Andrew, Kim, Sonya, Sandy, Jeanine, Olivia, Courtney, Lisa, Zach

Front Row: Mollie, Ava, Arlene, Michelle, Mary, Sandy, Zorica, Lori, Henry Lindsey, Lucas
The eising garden centre team

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