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How to Dress Your Body Type

May 3, 2021
Written by Aaron

Figuring out how to dress your body type makes shopping for women’s clothing much more fun and stress-free! The female physique clearly isn’t the same across all women; it’s unique and distinctive, with different proportions and shapes. That’s why some outfits look amazing on some gals and not-so-stellar on others. But don’t worry—no matter which shape you have, there are certain pieces that are bound to look absolutely amazing on you! You just need to know what to look for. 

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How Do I Dress For My Body Type?

The key to picking flattering women’s clothing is figuring out how to accentuate certain areas to keep things looking proportioned and occasionally minimizing the parts that draw attention. There’s nothing wrong with having a large bust, booty, or tummy, but a sense of visual balance can help you feel more confident. 

When you learn how to dress for your body type, it makes such a difference in how you feel when you’re out on the town, posing for photographs, or meeting new people. At the end of the day, you should wear what makes you feel happy, but dressing stylishly can give your self-esteem a nice boost! Find your body type below so you can get started.  

The 4 Women’s Body Types and How to Dress Them

outfits from Sassyfras boutique

The Straight Body Type

Description: Women with a straight shape tend to have similar hip, waist, and shoulder measurements. Weight is evenly distributed, and curves aren’t especially pronounced. 

How To Dress: Straight figures look great in tops with sleeveless, racerback straps, halter tops, or slim-fitting sleeves. It flatters your arms, creating an athletic and toned look. Scoop necks and round necklines help to subtly emphasize the bust, and the curved lines really help to amp up the curviness! 

Mid-rise pants and women’s jeans with bootcut or flared legs can help add some curves as well, and lucky for you, they’re coming back in style in a big way! Our wide-leg cinnamon pants will cinch your waist and flatter the booty—add our white floral scoop neck tee and tuck it in, and you’re good to go! 

Women with straight body types tend to not have much trouble figuring out how to pick the right dress for formal occasions. Pretty much all dress styles look great on straight bodies! However, dresses with a seam at the natural waist and a slight flare to the skirt can create the illusion of a more hourglass shape. Our breezy spaghetti strap dress has a tapered neckline and a floral skirt, effectively highlighting your top and bottom while minimizing the middle.

outfits from Sassyfras boutique

The Pear Body Type

Description: If you have a pear shape, you’ll be a bit fuller in the hips, rear, and thigh area and smaller in the bust and shoulders. 

How To Dress: If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Pants and skirts that show off your bootylicious figure are fun to wear and look especially stellar if you pair them with the right pieces. Pencil skirts, high-waisted pants, and bootcut jeans will flatter your shape in all the right places. To balance out your shape, V-necks, dramatic necklines, and puff sleeve blouses bring more volume to the top. Try our dark wash denim pencil skirt paired with our coral V-neck tee—it’s comfy and casual while still looking tailored and feminine.

Playing with colours and patterns can flatter pear shapes as well. Light-coloured tops paired with darker jeans help to create a sense of visual balance. Horizontal striped tops can emphasize the bust, and pinstripe pants can minimize your bottom—though we don’t recommend pairing the two different stripes together! Our horizontal striped tee looks amazing with our coal-washed jeans. Throw on our cinch-waist vest overtop to add volume to the bust without drawing attention to your tummy.

Apple Body Type

Description: Your hips are narrow relative to your shoulders and bust, and you carry more of your body weight around your tummy rather than your hips, rear, and thighs. 

How To Dress: Drawing attention to your more slender calves, and wearing loose, breezy tops will flatter your apple-shaped figure. Slim-cut jeans and skirts and trendy ankle-length pants will make those legs look long and lean! Try to avoid thin, clingy fabrics, and instead, try more structured materials like denim or linen. They’re natural and breathable, so you won’t feel uncomfortable on warm days. V-neck shirts are also great for elongating the torso—try our V-neck multicoloured blouse in an ultra-flattering print that’s super forgiving. Throw on our straight-leg jeans, and you’ll be runway ready!

When it comes time to dress up, you can never go wrong with an A-line little black dress. Every woman needs a good quality, versatile LBD in their closet. The A-line shape minimizes the tummy while emphasizing the shoulders and hips. We love the contrasting white tribal print on our new summer LBD—it adds a little more personality and attitude to this classic wardrobe staple. 

Hourglass Body Type

Description: You’ve got hip and bust measurements that are nearly equal, but your waist measurement is several inches smaller, creating a va-va-voom silhouette that looks drop-dead gorgeous if you know how to highlight it properly.

How To Dress With An Hourglass Body Type:

When you’ve got a tinier waist and a bigger bust, you don’t want to wear boxy, loose styles, or you’ll be drowning in fabric! Cinch that middle with structured, fitted garments, belted waists, and high-waisted pants. For your top, you can either go with something light and flowy that tucks in or something more tailored and fitted. Flared and bootcut jeans and pretty much any leggings will look awesome on your curvy silhouette. Our leaf motif tank has a cute, asymmetrical, cinched waist, and it’s a perfect match for our navy blue leggings. 

For dresses, hourglass figures look lovely in most styles, but it’s best to avoid straight-cut shift dresses, empire waistlines that sit right below the bust, or balloon skirts. Our blue floral dress is as comfy as can be, so it brings in the waist and flatters your curves without making you feel sucked in or stiff. The material is light yet loose, so it drapes beautifully without adding volume or squeezing too tight.

To see more of our trendy spring clothes for 2021, visit Sassyfras to browse all the latest women’s styles from our new collection. If you’re still learning the ins and outs of how to dress for your body type, the lovely ladies at Sassyfras will be more than happy to help you find something you feel spectacular in! 

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