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Spring 2021 Fashion Trend Forecast

April 5, 2021
Written by Aaron

As much as we love our cozy knits and festive soft sweaters for fall and winter, we are so excited to ditch the layers and embrace the latest spring fashion trends for 2021. After curating our gorgeous collection for the new season, we’ve combed through all the up-and-coming statement styles to create a solid fashion trend forecast for 2021 and into 2022! 


What Are The New Fashion Trends For 2021?


So much has changed in the world this year, and it makes sense for the fashion trend forecasts to shift as well! However, these emerging trends show no signs of slowing down by 2022. The Sassyfras boutique is full of timeless-yet-modern pieces that feel fresh and current, so you can breeze through spring in style. 

Dressed-Up Joggers

Joggers are the new sweat pants of 2021—just as comfy as classic loungewear, but way cuter and not at all frumpy. The high rise, breezy materials, and elasticized waistband create a surprisingly flattering shape that makes everyone’s booty look its best. Tuck in a cute camisole and layer a light spring jacket overtop or do a French tuck with a fun graphic tee for weekend hangouts. 


Tie-Dye Textiles

While this retro textile might bring to mind scenes from Woodstock or that Jamaican cruise you went on back in 1998, tie-dye can look totally sophisticated and high-fashion when it’s done right! Instead of the tropical neons you’d normally see, opt for colour combos like ivory and sapphire for a more neutral palette that easily pairs with your go-to fashion essentials. Layer our tie-dye kimono over a plain tank top and jeans for a casual “date night” look. 

Modern Raincoats

The forecast will inevitably call for rain in the spring, so instead of dreading it, stay prepared by having an adorable raincoat you’re eager to flaunt! Our popular raincoats from Tribal have cute contrasting nautical stripes in the hood and a trendy cut that’s reminiscent of the utility shirts that have been dominating fashion runways. Instead of begrudgingly covering your cute spring top with your puffer jacket from winter 2021, wear one of these on-trend jackets available in lemon yellow, navy, and black. 


Tribal Prints

Many of us are itching to get away on an exotic vacation, but that might not be in the cards for a while yet. So, we’re scratching the itch by rocking tropical vibes in Ontario fashion! Ornate, mandala-style motifs and kaleidoscope colours are popping up all over jackets, spring dresses, cardigans, and even classic tees. You might think a detailed, multi-coloured print would be hard to match, but it’s actually quite easy! Just pair it with solid coloured pieces in one of the shades present in the textile. So, if you’ve got a tribal printed cardigan with lime, turquoise, sapphire, and ivory, you can pair it with a pant or tank top in any of those shades!

spring fashion colours

Fashion Trend Colour Forecast for 2021–2022

It’s amazing how certain colours can explode in popularity as we go from one year to the next. Remember when blush pink achieved total fashion trend domination a few years back? From now until next spring 2022, we’re anticipating some seriously stellar shades that will triumph throughout fashion trend forecasts worldwide. Refresh your wardrobe with some spring pieces in these sensational colours:


Electric lemon-lime tones never fail to bring a jolt of energy and excitement into your wardrobe. We’re feeling pretty optimistic about the year ahead, so a cheerful colour like limoncello is perfect for 2021. If you’re unsure of how to mix and match with a colour this vibrant, stick to subtle or neutral shades like deep blues and ivory white. 


This ultra-saturated true blue shade has all the versatility of a neutral tone, but with all the personality and visual impact of a rich jewel tone. Keep it cool by pairing it with icy white shades, or add some contrast with warm gold accessories. For a modern glam look, complement your sapphire outfit by drawing a thin line of deep blue eyeliner across your top lid, or rock a sapphire-hued mani/pedi!  


This candy pink shade is a true power colour, with bold femininity that’s both sweet and daring. Whether you do an all-fuschia look with a flirty spring dress or just add little accents of hot pink with your accessories or lipstick, you’ll look confident and ready to conquer 2021. Barbie has it all, and she can rock a fuschia dress like nobody’s business, so that’s the kind of energy we want to carry with us into 2022. 

ivory shirt for springIvory

A softer, creamier alternative to true icy white, ivory is a stunning neutral shade that’s so flattering for every complexion. It’s less harsh and severe than true white—in fact, ivory tends to look more white in photographs, whereas true white tends to look a bit blue. Ivory linen pieces, collared shirts and cardigans are so easy to match with virtually any colour for a look that’s soft and serene but never boring.  

For more fashion trend updates and sneak peeks at our latest stock, check out the Eising Facebook page. We regularly post video tours to show off the newest pieces in our collection, so you can browse at home from the comfort of your couch! We’ve got more styles trickling in as the weather forecast gets warmer, so visit soon to give your wardrobe a much-deserved update with on-trend new fashions for 2021. 

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