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Perfect Plants & Other Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Rock Mom’s World

May 4, 2022
Written by Aaron

This is your year to earn your title of Mom’s Favourite Child. Get a Mother’s Day present that will make your siblings’ feeble attempts at gift-giving pale in comparison. There’s no need to splurge a giant wad of cash or overthink anything—we’ve got everything you need right here at Eising Garden Centre, from pretty plants to cute accessories and so many more gifts to make Mom’s day awesome.

Mother’s Day Plants and Other Last-Minute Gifts That Are Actually Cool

Trust us: Mom doesn’t want another charm for her bracelet. It’s too heavy. Her delicate, graceful arms need a break. Give her something she’ll really appreciate, like one of these plants or other cool presents from Eising Garden Centre:

Exotic Potted Palms

Mom deserves a vacation, but if a trip to Fiji isn’t in the budget, bring the tropics to her! We have so many gorgeous potted palm trees that can be grown as exotic indoor plants. Plus, she can bring them outside for summer so she can lounge around outside with a drink underneath a leafy canopy of tropical foliage. Sounds about perfect!

Eising Garden Centre - Mothers Day Gifts 2022 -monstera plant

A Monstera Plant

These trendy tropicals are perfect plant presents. How could anyone resist those signature leaves? Pick out an artsy pot to go with it from our pottery collection, and ask one of our staff members for care instructions so you can write them in the card. They start small but grow impressively large, so Mom can nurture it and help it grow, just like she did for you! Awwww.

Make a DIY Succulent Terrarium

A plant gift: amazing. A handmade gift: double amazing. A handmade plant arrangement expertly curated by Mom’s favourite kid: off the charts! All you need is a glass terrarium, some peat moss, decorative pebbles, and an assortment of gorgeous succulents, all of which you can find here at Eising Garden Centre. Look for tiny succulent plants like 2” Echeveria, Crassula, Kalanchoe, Haworthia, and Sempervivum—they’ll get bigger as they grow in the terrarium, and you don’t want them to get too crowded in there!

Philodendron Micans

This gorgeous vining plant has elegant, heart-shaped leaves. If that doesn’t make Mom’s heart melt, we don’t know what will! They start small but eventually grow into a lush plant that Mom can propagate and share with her friends. Tie a cute bow around that plant pot and boom! You’ve got the sweetest, most sentimental gift ever.

Hanging Baskets of Summer Flowers

Patio season is well underway, and beautiful blooming hanging baskets are essential for creating that carefree summer ambience. Opt for trailing flowering plants like Petunias and Superbells in Mom’s favourite colour. They grow so quickly, with incredible volume and long, cascading vines bearing ultra-vibrant blooms.

Gorgeous Garden Decorations 

If Mom’s outdoor patio decor is starting to look a bit weathered, Mother’s Day would be an ideal occasion to buy her a brand new windspinner or gazing ball. Having a nicely-decorated place to relax, decompress, and get in touch with nature is so good for the mind and body! This unique present will definitely hit all the right notes.

A Sassyfras Boutique Gift Card

Buying clothing as a present can be a bit of a gamble—you never quite know how it will fit, and everyone’s personal tastes are different. The solution: buy Mom a gift card to our Sassyfras Boutique and accompany her on a shopping spree. Cue the fashion shopping montage! This way, you know she’ll get something she loves, and she gets to spend some quality time with her number one child, which is the best gift of all, obviously.

Doing your Mother’s Day shopping at Eising Garden Centre is a total gamechanger. There’s no need to panic when you’ve got hundreds of gorgeous plants and plenty of other fantastic items. Discover even more amazing plant gifts for sale here at our garden centre in Simcoe—you’ll want to make it a yearly tradition!

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