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Tropical Plants Add Life

March 7, 2023
Written by Aaron

If dull days have you feeling a little down, a fresh, green, tropical plant might just be the tonic to inject some life into your living space and brighten things up.

Go Green

Spring flowers are beautiful, but the hero of Spring is the abundance of green. As everything comes back to life, it’s the colour that begins to envelop us, and it just makes the world look so much better again.

Adding greenery to your home can have that same overall effect! If you’re new to houseplants, there’s really something for everyone. There are tropical plants that can be very easy to grow and require very little attention. Plant care (how often they need water) and conditions (how much light they need) are two main factors to think about when choosing the best indoor plants for you.

Here are four beautiful houseplants to consider:

Snake Plant

Dracaena trifasciata or Snake Plant is a very hardy indoor plant, some say nearly indestructible. It will grow in almost any amount of light - dark to bright, so it can be placed virtually anywhere in your home. These tough plants require very little water - only water them if the soil feels dry. Overwatering may lead to root rot, so save your love and attention for something else, your Snake Plant just needs a little sip now and then.

ZZ Plant

Wondering why the strange name? Technically its name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia…so let’s stick with ZZ! This is another easy to care for house plant. It likes bright, indirect light and some water every couple of weeks. Basically, a drink whenever the soil dries out. Not bad for a plant that looks like its shiny leaves have had a spa day.

Spider Plant

Spider Plants are predominantly known for their graceful arching foliage, but they do send out a stem of small, star-shaped flowers fairly regularly on mature plants adding to the beauty of this popular house plant. Bright indirect light is where it thrives, and it does enjoy regular watering. Humidity can also help the Spider Plant stay healthy which makes it a great candidate for a bathroom with a shower or tub in it.


String of Pearls

Tiny, pea shaped leaves that look like pearls on a string make this a very unique houseplant. Unique may be a code word for: this one needs a little more attention. It’s best grown in a plant hanger or on a shelf where its trailing lengths of pearls are undisturbed. Morning light is best, not full light in the heat of the afternoon. During its growing season in Spring and Summer, keep the soil moist. It can be watered less in the winter. This is a plant that you can talk to each day while you give it a little drink, and it may become a very loyal friend. String of Hearts or other succulent, trailing vines are also plants to consider when you come in to shop and you’re liking the sound of this one.  

When you do come into the store to see us, we can help with any other questions that you may have, like whether or not fertilizer is recommended and when to repot. Or, read this article on Tropical Plant Care

When you pick out your new tropicals, we also have a great selection of decorative pots to place your new plants in to enhance your decor.  

Eising Exotics

If you’re looking for a really special feature plant, or maybe to make your garden or pool area feel like you’ve been transported to a southern paradise, it’s time to pre-order larger palms and tropical plants! Shopping for these tropicals will surely make you feel like warm Summer breezes are just around the corner. Visit the Eising Exotics page now to view what’s available and place your pre-order.

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