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Discover the Perfect Tropical Houseplant to Match Your Personality

March 15, 2022
Written by Aaron

There is so much diversity among exotic tropical houseplants—some are wacky and wild, while others are cool and understated. Want to find the perfect tropical plant to complement your unique personality and style? Here are five fabulous favourites from Eising Exotics and the personalities that match them. 


Which Tropical Houseplant Matches My Personality?

We love tropical exotics because they brighten our homes during the dreary winter months, and you can bring them outdoors to liven up your landscape during the warmer months! These five tropical houseplants have distinctive features to help you personalize your space to suit your unique style. Discover which one is your perfect match!

eising exotircs Red Abyssinian Banana

The Party Animal: Red Abyssinian Banana

You’re a social person who loves to entertain! Rain or shine, you love nothing more than getting the gang together for drinks, music, and good times. You’d consider FOMO to be a dreadful experience, but as a certifiable life-of-the-party, you aren’t likely to miss out on a fun night out—you’re probably the one sending out the invites! 

The Red Abyssinian banana matches your energy and exuberance, with flashes of red that remind us of disco dance floor lights. Karaoke nights and beer pong tournaments will be all the more memorable when your space has this ultra-vivid, exciting tropical plant as decoration!

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eising exotics spindle palm

The Bookworm: Spindle Palm

An introvert through and through, few activities are more satisfying than a cozy night at home, curled up in your favourite reading chair with a book, a blanket, and a cup of tea. Your reading nook is your haven, and it’s important for you to create a personal space to relax that feels comfortable, serene, and uniquely you. 
The Spindle palm is an ideal tropical plant to complete your reading nook, whether indoors or outdoors.

Having a breezy leaf canopy overhead while you flip through the pages of your latest read will make your reading corner feel more intimate and tucked away without verging on the potentially claustrophobic. Plus, they’re great for filtering out airborne toxins, so you can still get your fix of fresh air without having to leave the house! 

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eising exotics pineapple plant

The Free Spirit: Pineapple Super Sweet

Fun and fancy-free, you love creativity, eccentricity, and spontaneity. You decorate your home with quirky antiques, colourful textiles, and plenty of statement pieces and conversation starters. You were born to stand out, and you avoid everything basic and boring. 

The Pineapple Super Sweet will send your heart aflutter! This eye-catching plant has a similar shape to your typical Bromeliad, but with a cute pineapple growing right in the centre. You’ll never get tired of hearing your guests exclaim, “Whoa, is that a pineapple?!” This tropical houseplant is wonderfully weird in all the best ways, just like you. 

SHOP: Pineapple Super Sweet

eising exotics monstera deliciosa

The Fashion Plate: Monstera Deliciosa

You’re not afraid to admit you’re a little addicted to Instagram, but how could you possibly resist browsing through such beautiful inspo pics? From clothes to home decor and art, your taste is refined and modern, and you always know the latest trends and styles. You’ve curated an impeccable background for your Zoom calls, but all that’s missing is one thing: the Monstera deliciosa.

This ultra-trendy plant changed the way people look at houseplants. What was once considered a cute hobby or a pretty way to add colour to your space has quickly become a symbol of style and modernity. Monstera deliciosa is like the Louis Vuitton purse of houseplants—if you’ve got one, people will be impressed. And, similarly to Louis Vuitton purses, there are plenty of fake plastic knockoffs out there, but the real thing is simply unmatched.

SHOP: Monstera Deliciosa

eising exotics areca palm

The Goal-Getter: Areca Palm

You were born to succeed—you take joy in the hustle and the grind, and it shows! With a CEO mentality and a keen sense of making things more efficient and successful, you’re continually improving and fine-tuning your processes. Born to lead, you’ve always got your eye on the prize and love creating lists and step-by-step plans to help you make your dreams come to life.

While you’re busy building your empire, you’ll want a reliable, strong plant that won’t add any complications or stress to your busy schedule. The Areca palm is so easy to grow, totally pet-safe, and perfect for offices, so it’s your perfect match! It’s a fast grower, too, so you’ll be delighted with its progress as it grows from a tiny potted plant to an 8-foot-tall tree!

SHOP: Areca Palm

Want to see more incredible tropical plants for indoor and outdoor decorating? Browse through our Eising Exotics collection to see what’s available now!

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