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Family Plant Night

December 6, 2021
Written by Aaron

Whether it’s too cold outside to play or you’re just looking to bond, family plant night has many benefits. Including the whole family in gardening activities provides opportunities for learning, growth, and fun! 

The Benefits of Family Gardening Activities

Taking time for family plant night has huge benefits for you, the kids, and the environment.

It’s good for nature.

Starting your children off with a love and appreciation for nature builds a lifelong connection to the environment. Even something as simple as this idea for a night of potting succulents can go a long way. Create happy memories with your family and watch as your kids learn to love gardening activities as much as you do. 

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It encourages family bonding.

Besides bonding with Mother Nature, one of the benefits of gardening together as a family is bonding with each other. Even if the craft doesn’t go perfectly, everyone can have fun learning about plants and making a bit of a mess. 

It chases away winter blues.

We Canadians know how long winter can drag on. Some days, it’s too cold to play outside in the snow, and everyone has had enough screen time. Plan gardening-themed family activities to benefit everyone involved. 


Gardening + kids =  new, transferable skills.

Learning about gardening isn’t just about plants; the benefits of family nature activities go beyond the pot. Gardening activities can help kids with fine motor skills, communication, listening, and even math and spatial awareness. You can incorporate any lesson into a family gardening activity—the benefits are truly endless.  


Choosing Succulents

Choosing which succulents your family will use for your gardening crafts is half the fun! When it comes to selecting succulents for potting, show your family the different types: Burro’s tail, String of Dolphins or Turtles, are fun choices. Haworthia comes in some more geometric and interesting shapes, or opt for bunny-ear cacti for the cute factor.

As you shop, point out how each plant has nursery tags and what the different symbols mean. Ahead of time, you can walk around the house with your family and notice which areas get what type of light. This will help with the decision-making process later.

Potting Succulents 

Now that we’ve convinced you of why you should plan a family gardening night let’s dig into an activity involving potting succulents. Potting succulents is a great kid-friendly and beginner-level gardening activity. Succulents are some of the easiest, low-maintenance plants that can handle a bit of stress. Succulents can also stand various light situations, so your kids can proudly display their hard work in most locations in your home.

Learning About Soil

Another one of the benefits of a family gardening activity is being able to teach your kids about soil. Children may often think any ol’ mud they find on the ground is the same as potting mix. Showing them the differences between potting mix, mud, cactus mix, etc., can be demonstrated with different types of human snacks. We may eat things like chips and chocolate, but too much means we won’t be healthy people! Similarly, we can give succulents a potting mix, but they would be happier and healthier if we let them grow in the best soil possible. 

Decorating the Pots

Get out the paint supplies and get creative! Family gardening night doesn’t just have scientific benefits; it has artistic ones, too! Acrylic paint is perfectly fine for painting terracotta pots; just be sure you seal in that creativity with a few coats of shellac. You’ll want the pots painted, dried, and sealed before potting the succulents, so it may end up being a 1-2 day activity. 

There are endless benefits to taking time for family plant night. If you’re looking for succulents for sale in Simcoe, come visit us! We’d love to help your family find their super succulent match.

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