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5 Ideas for Hosting the Best May-Long Party in Your Backyard

May 18, 2022
Written by Aaron

May Long Weekend is the perfect time to kick off patio season and host a party in the backyard! If you want this year’s party to be a hit—plus all the other backyard parties you’ll be having through summer and fall—get your backyard set up with these outdoor entertaining must-haves. 


Bring the Party Vibes This May-Long with These Backyard Essentials

A great party needs an amazing atmosphere! To transform your backyard into the perfect party zone, you’ll need to think about your overall layout and design. Here are some backyard design ideas and additions that will set the tone for your space.

Eising Garden Centre - How to Host a May-Long Party in Your Backyard -outdoor privacy room

Create an Outdoor “Room” for Entertaining

A sense of privacy actually helps to make parties feel more fun and lively. Think about it: if you bring twenty people into a huge room, it will feel awkward and empty, even though you’ve got plenty of people to talk to! In your backyard, you can create a more intimate setting with strategic design elements, such as:

  • A gazebo or pergola to act as a room without walls
  • Lattice dividers you can cover with beautiful creeping vines
  • Outdoor rugs to place under your patio set, helping establish it as its own living space

You can strategically design other decorative elements like potted plants, patio furniture and garden art to create the illusion of a room or establish separation from other areas. Browse our garden centre to discover more creative backyard accessories to make your space uniquely yours! 

Eising Garden Centre - How to Host a May-Long Party in Your Backyard -planting pansy flowers in pot

Embrace the May Flowers

May is known for its flowers, so why not decorate your outdoor space for the May Long Weekend with some of the most beautiful displays this magnificent month offers? Spring is a perfect time to plant—the soil is still cool, so your plants’ roots won’t get shocked. You can also buy flowering container arrangements and hanging baskets to place around your patio and seating areas. Visit us now to see what’s in bloom!


Decorate with Exotic Potted Plants

Large, exotic plants like potted palms, Birds of Paradise, and Monstera plants bring style, personality, and a bit of edge to your backyard entertaining area. Setting them up around seating areas helps establish that homey feeling, and the big, breezy foliage creates such a gorgeous green canopy overhead. We have an incredible assortment of exotic plants that you can bring back indoors for the winter, so visit us soon to see the entirety of our exclusive new collection!

Eising Garden Centre - How to Host a May-Long Party in Your Backyard -outdoor lighting for ambiance

It’s All About the Ambient Lighting

You can’t party in pitch black! Mood lighting in your backyard will dramatically improve the atmosphere, and there are so many creative styles to consider. There are endless possibilities for lighting up the landscape, from twinkly fairy lights to solar-powered garden lamps, festive lanterns, and colour-changing LEDs you can control from your phone. 


Get a Bonfire Pit

Something about a bonfire pit in the backyard naturally brings people together! The cozy warmth, the beautiful glow, and the heat source for cooking tasty party snacks always make for a great time with friends and family. All you have to do is send out a mass text that says “bonfire tonight?” and the people will come! 

Before setting up your bonfire pit in the backyard, check to see if your area requires a fire permit first, and be sure your space is large enough to accommodate the pit safely. Most places recommend that your bonfire be at least 10 feet away from any structures like buildings or fences.


We’re big into May-long weekend backyard parties in Ontario, so if you want to host this year’s spring bash, visit Eising Greenhouse to stock up on all the backyard essentials!  

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