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Why You Need Hanging Baskets

April 27, 2022
Written by Aaron

Does your front porch need a little pizzazz? Add a hanging basket—or three! Hanging baskets are an effortless way to add lots of colour to your garden or porch quickly and easily. 

Why We Love Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are stunning in the summer and can elevate your backyard or front porch into a blooming oasis! It’s the perfect way to add colour at eye level and vertical elements to your space. They don’t require a lot of effort, provide blooms all season long, and they’ll attract pollinators to your yard! Hanging baskets are also very easy to install; with freestanding hooks you can place in your garden, or you can mount hooks to your fence. You can’t go wrong with hanging baskets, we promise!

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There are so many colours available that you’ll have no problem picking something that suits your garden design. The most popular flowers are begonias, petunias, and calibrachoas in colours such as yellow, red, purple, pink, and more! While these blooms are gorgeous, some of them can be a little heavy, so keep your baskets protected from harsh winds, so the stems don’t snap. 

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Types of Outdoor Hanging Baskets

Depending on your preferences, there are a few types of hanging baskets out there. Of course, if you prefer one aesthetic over another, you can always transplant the basket you find at Eising Garden Centre to a custom planter that suits your garden. 

  • Fibre Baskets – a denser basket also held in a metal basket; this has a cleaner aesthetic than the moss but still has a natural-looking colour. 
  • Outdoor Plastic Baskets – for a classic shape that is clean and will complement the other pottery in your yard, select a plastic basket! You can even take off the hook at the end of the season and reuse the pot for future planting.

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How to Care for Your Hanging Baskets

Taking care of outdoor hanging baskets is relatively easy as long as you remember to check on them a little more often than your other containers; they are more likely to dry out in the sun and wind and will need more frequent watering. As with most plants, watering thoroughly less often is better than watering infrequently and superficially. With outdoor hanging plants, you’ll want to water them once a day unless it’s rainy. If it’s a scorching day out, your basket may need water twice a day. We recommend watering your basket once the top of the soil is dry, and watering until water pours out the bottom. Be careful to avoid splashes on the foliage.

Hanging baskets benefit from fertilizer through the growing season, so top them up with a water-soluble fertilizer that promotes blooming, such as a 1:2:1 ratio, around the middle of summer. Make sure that your plant looks healthy and is hydrated before you introduce any fertilizer. 

We also recommend rotating your outdoor baskets to spread that sunshine around. By rotating your plants, they’ll get more even sun and wind exposure, which will foster a healthier plant overall. 

Trim your hanging basket to help keep its shape and get rid of any leggy stems, which will keep it looking full and lush through the season. Some flowers will need deadheading, such as geraniums and verbena, though not all; be sure to check the requirements of your specific varieties. If you need to deadhead your flowers, simply pinch off dead flowers after they start to fade to encourage more blooms. 

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At Eising Garden Centre, we have plenty of hanging baskets for sale that you can use to decorate your front patio, fences, and more. Come visit us in Norfolk County to see our vast selection of unique and beautiful baskets!

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