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5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Summer Fire Pit

July 11, 2022
Written by Aaron

If you have enough space to install a fire pit in your yard in Simcoe, it’s definitely worth it! Think about it: you’ll always have an activity ready for summer entertaining outdoors! Gathering around a fire with close friends is so satisfying—the perfect setting for making memories. To ensure your setup is stylish, fun, and functional, we put together some tips for designing a fire pit area that incorporates our favourite part of the outdoors: beautiful plants!

Garden Centre Essentials for Designing a Summer Fire Pit  

Here are some creative tips for designing a gorgeous fire pit area bursting with colour and natural beauty. Remember to keep a safe distance between the fire pit and your plants to avoid accidentally overheating or scorching them!

Eising Garden Centre - Tips for Designing the Perfect Summer Fire Pit- -citronella plant

Plant Mosquito-Repelling Flowers and Plants

Nothing spoils a summer bonfire like constantly swatting bugs and scratching itchy bites! Planting lemongrass, citronella, mint, and citronella geraniums around your fire pit seating area will help repel mosquitos and other annoying pests. They release a powerful, zesty fragrance that smells amazing to us but not so great to the buzzing bugs. It’s a safe way to protect yourself from itchy insect bites without using chemical sprays or products that harm beneficial insects like ladybugs and bees.

Add Exotic Tropical Trees for a Beach Club Aesthetic

While we can’t grow tropical trees year-round outdoors, we can successfully grow exotic plants in containers! That way, you can bring them outside to the party zone during summer, then bring them back inside once the temperature dips. Remember to debug your plants with insecticidal soap before bringing them indoors! Some of our favourite potted tropicals for fire pit lounge areas include:

Explore our entire collection of exotic tropicals for Southern Ontario for even more fire pit decor inspiration!

Eising Garden Centre - Tips for Designing the Perfect Summer Fire Pit- -virginia creeper on lattice

Establish Separation and Privacy with Trellis Partitions

If your fire pit seems awkwardly placed in the middle of your sprawling yard, it helps to divide up the space and create distinct areas or “rooms” through strategic design. Trellises function like walls in the landscape without fully obstructing the view. Planting climbing vines at the base will fill your trellis with lush greenery and beautiful blooms! Make sure you place them several feet away from the fire pit to prevent sparks and embers from catching the leaves.

Eising Garden Centre - Tips for Designing the Perfect Summer Fire Pit- -roasting potatoes over fire

Grow Edibles for Roasting Over the Fire Pit

A bonfire doubles as summer entertainment and a heat source for cooking! Whether you have outdoor cooking and camp food accessories for cooking over a fire, or just a few metal pokers for roasting, there’s no shortage of delicious summer vegetables and fruits to enjoy around the fire pit. Peppers, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and zucchinis are great for skewers and kabobs. If you have a cast-iron campfire sandwich maker, you can use summer fruits like cherries, peaches, or blueberries with a schmear of cream cheese to make grilled cheesecake sandwiches!

Thick Concrete Planters Make Great Side Tables

If your planter has a thick enough edge to place a glass or small plate, it’s a perfect dual-purpose side table and garden container for the fire pit! Place them in the corners of your seating area and plant heat-tolerant plants like succulents. Again, don’t place them too close to the fire pit and make sure there are several feet of space between to prevent anything from catching fire!

Want to explore even more plants, accessories, and garden art for designing the perfect summer fire pit in Ontario? Visit Eising Greenhouse! We have so many gorgeous plants and items in-store for summer 2022, so hurry in before the season ends!

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