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The Art and Science of Landscape Design

December 20, 2021
Written by Aaron

Every time you have stumbled upon a beautifully laid-out garden or impressive landscape, you can bet that a landscape designer was involved! Hiring a landscape designer is an investment worth making if you’re hoping to wow your neighbours and friends. There are elements of both art and science when it comes to planning and creating the perfect design.

Landscape Design 101

So what exactly does landscape design entail? You can consider landscape design anything involving garden layout, general softscaping, hardscaping, trees and shrubs, or fixing drainage issues. Landscape design looks to create a cohesive, functional, and beautiful space for you to enjoy.

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Why Hire a Landscape Designer? 

Whether you have big dreams or feel totally clueless as to where to begin, a landscape designer can collaborate with you to achieve your garden dreams, troubleshoot and resolve your current issues, or plan ahead for future projects. Most of us have experienced a situation where we thought we could DIY something on our own, but it left us with a few headaches instead! Professional landscape services for your Simcoe garden means you won’t be needing to fix your mistakes season after season. Hiring a trusted landscape designer allows you to do all the dreaming while letting someone else get their hands dirty!

Learning Your Landscape

Before you hire a landscape designer, take some time familiarizing yourself with your current yard. What do you like about it? What irks you? What is functioning well, and what needs to be repaired or altered? There are also some very helpful things to keep note of. Tracking these qualities in your yard will help give you and your designer a clear vision of what is possible in your space.

  • Find out your plant hardiness zone (Simcoe can range between 6a-7a)
  • What colours, shapes, textures, and vibes do you like? (Feel free to create a vision board!)
  • How many hours of sunlight do the areas in your landscape get?
  • How large would I like your garden to be?
  • What hardscaping elements do you want to add? (fencing, paths, patios etc.)
  • Do you want to add or remove any trees or shrubs?
  • Are there elements of your outdoor space that you would like to showcase or hide?
  • What resources will you need to purchase in order to create and sustain an ideal landscape (mulching, stones, etc.)

These questions are a great blueprint to get you started on envisioning and designing your landscape. Be sure to write your answers down to share with your landscape designer, and for your own information!

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Landscape Dreaming and Planning

Once you’ve gotten the lay of your land, you can get more in-depth with your vision.

Purpose: Ask yourself how you will be using the space you are looking to have re-designed. Is it for entertaining, enjoyment, to boost your workable garden space, for the kids, or to increase privacy?

Plants: What plants would thrive in that space? Are you looking to create a show-stopping blooming garden, or a kid-friendly veggie patch? What times of the year will the plants bloom? How big will they get?

Colour and Style: When it comes to landscape design, most elements are completely customizable to get the look and feel you want. Think of colour schemes, what materials your hardscaping should be, and what overall aesthetic you would like for your space.

How Do I Choose a Landscape Designer?

There are a few things to check for before you sign a contract with any designer or company.

  • Communicate your expectations and make sure that it is reflected in your quote and contract.
  • Check reviews and recommendations online or through word of mouth.
  • Look for a landscape design company that has excellent customer service.
  • Make sure they can answer your questions and that they give you a clear timeline and budget.

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What is the Landscape Design Process?

After you’ve assessed your yard and started dreaming big, you can contact us here at Eising Garden Centre for the next steps.

  • A risk-free consultation process from our team of experts.
  • Assessment of your budget and landscaping needs.
  • Making your dream a reality with expert workmanship and only top-quality materials.
  • Excellent customer service from start to finish.
  • Advice for how to maintain and enjoy your incredible new space.

We know that landscape design can be a bit overwhelming, but if you put it in the hands of professionals, you’ll be thankful you did! Especially when you get to put your feet up and enjoy your new views. If you’re looking for landscape designers near you, come visit us here in Simcoe. We’d love to help you create the landscape and garden of your dreams!

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