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10 Of The Best Flowering Perennials For Colour

April 20, 2022
Written by Aaron

We all love to have some colour in our garden during the spring and summer, but adding colour doesn’t just mean adding hanging planters and colourful containers to your front porch! These flowering perennials have gorgeous blooms, and after a year of establishing, they’ll require minimal care. It’s a win-win situation! 


Why Plant Perennials?

Perennials come back each year, meaning that you can invest in your landscape design and reduce the amount of planting you have to do each year. Once your perennials have grown enough, you can separate them to make more plants! To be deemed a perennial, a plant must be able to tolerate the entire year in the ground without dying. To keep it easy, we’ve curated this list of flowering perennials that will survive southern Ontario winters and bring your yard fabulous colour year after year.



This perennial is the best way to make the most of your garden: it attracts pollinators, deters pests, is a delicious herb, and has stunning flowers all in one plant! You can cut any of the colours, such as white, blue, purple, and pink, near the base after they bloom to produce a fresh crop of flowers later in the season.

-aster perennial purple blooms


For late-season blooms, asters are the flowering perennial that will bring a pop of purple, blue or pink into your garden just before fall arrives, contrasting beautifully against the orange and yellow leaves. They are fantastic food sources for pollinators and are very easy to grow in containers. Keep your asters in full sun for the most blooms. 

Black-Eyed Susans

This perennial is a classic, warming the hearts of gardeners with its golden petals. It’s a pollinator-friendly plant with simple, yet stunning flowers. Black-eyed Susans prefer full sun for prolific blooms, and well-draining soil.


Coneflowers, also known as Echinacea, are iconic North American flowering perennials. They come in many vibrant colours, such as yellow, orange, pink, and red shades featured in the “Sombrero” series. Because of their taproot, they are a little hardier than other plants and can handle dividing and transplanting well. They grow best with regular watering in full sun and require deadheading for continuous blooms.



There are over 300 varieties of delphiniums, but we recommend the Summer Series group for perennials since they have better heat and humidity tolerance. This group comes in shades of blue, navy, and dusty pink. This group doesn’t need staking because they are shorter, but don’t worry; they still produce just many flowers!

gautheria red berries


This groundcover, Gaultheria procumbens, has mint-scented leaves and edible red berries. It is a tough groundcover plant that grows best in the shade. The leaves turn red to bronze in the winter, making this perennial an absolute delight in your garden year-round.

Eising Garden Centre - The Best Perennials for Colour -garden phlox

Garden Phlox 

Garden phlox is the perfect perennial for long-lasting blooms that will dazzle; the flowers grow in clusters on stalks, like little pom-poms of colour. Garden phlox prefers full sun and moist soil with good drainage for the best growth. If you want a groundcover variety, try creeping phlox! 

-heuchera blooming

Coral Bells

Coral bells have impressive, vibrantly-coloured foliage that is stunning on its own, but it doesn’t stop there! Long spikes shoot up, adorned by tiny bell-shaped blooms that range from white to pink to red shades; it’s great for adding texture to your shorter plants.


While delicate in appearance, astilbe is a hardy perennial that loves moisture and shade! Its foliage has a fern-like texture, and the flowers are fabulous flourishes of pink, purple, red, and white; this is a great perennial for adding character and filling in any shady spots in your yard! 

-peony shrub pink bloom


If you’re looking for a perennial that will blow you away with large, stunning flowers, plant peonies! You can choose from varieties that bloom early, midseason, or late, or get a few of each to enjoy them all season. Full sun and shelter from the wind and strong staking are essential for peonies. 

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