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Perennial Plants & Blooms For Spring, Summer & Fall

May 31, 2021
Written by Aaron

Perennials are fantastic for bringing reliable garden colour that comes back every year, but if they only flower for a brief window in summer, it can be a bit of a bummer. Finding perennials that bloom all spring, summer and fall can be tricky. However, blooms aren't always necessary—plenty of perennials have colourful foliage and ornamental features that delight throughout the seasons! 

Get Amazing Colour With All Our Favourite Perennials For Spring, Summer & Fall

For incredible blooms and bold, unexpected foliage colour that never fails to disappoint, plant these beauties now! Hurry before those summer temperatures get scorching hot!

Autumn Joy Stonecrop

When spring and summer flowers fade, this hardy perennial succulent continues to impress us with its dusty rose blooms. As they mature, the cloud-like flower clusters will take on a deeper bronze tint, perfectly complementing the surrounding autumn scenery. It grows best in full sun with sandy, well-draining soil—and can thrive in poor, rockier soils, so it doesn’t need a ton of fertilizer. A little bit of all-purpose fertilizer applied in spring can help give a boost, but too much fertilizer can cause this low-maintenance plant to get a bit leggy.

siberian iris plant Eising Garden Centre

Siberian Iris 

While the bearded iris has long been considered a spring favourite, its beardless cousin, the Siberian iris is worthy of a spot in your perennial garden! Its prolific blooms emerge in spring and continue into summer, with single plants sending up as many as 20 flower shoots. There are many different colours to choose from, like deep blue, burgundy or rich gold, and some have earlier or later bloom times than average. So, if you plant a colourful variety of Siberian irises with different flowering times, you’ll get quite a spectacular display! 


Coral Bells 

Also known as Heuchera, this ornamental foliage plant is famous for its ultra-vivid leaves, available in pretty much every colour in the rainbow. In fact, there are multicoloured rainbow varieties too! Even in a garden bursting with magnificent blooms, coral bells will still catch your eye with their distinctive, lobed foliage that looks almost like maple leaves. They do produce some cute, delicate flowers atop tall stalks in summer—usually pink or white—but it’s the glossy leaves that send our hearts aflutter!

hosta perennial Eising Garden Centre


The hosta is an absolute must-have for any shade garden. This perennial thrives in shaded areas, and it can get scorched from too much direct sun. The attractive leaves are quite large and slightly curved, forming a round, mounded shape that looks neat and tidy, making hosta great for border planting. We recommend planting a variegated variety with splashes of white or different shades of green to bring visual interest that lasts. On top of having gorgeous leaves, hostas will also sprout some cute, lavender-tinted flowers in summer, so you’ll have those to look forward to!


Autumn Brilliance Fern

Judging by the name, you might assume this fabulous fern transitions to orange in the autumn, but it’s the opposite! In spring, new fronds emerge a brilliant orange and mature into an emerald green shade. Don’t worry, you still get a little pop of autumn colour later in the season! Once September rolls around, bright red spores, or “sori,” appear on the undersides of the leaves. The frilled, wispy fronds add texture and movement to the landscape, and they do exceptionally well in shady areas covered by tree canopies. It likes the soil to be moist and well-draining, so mix in lots of compost when you plant, and water generously!

pennisetum grass Eising Garden Centre


Ornamental tufted grasses have such a dreamy, graceful quality to them. We love the way they dance in the breeze! The red and purple varieties are especially pretty if you’re looking for some long-lasting perennial colour, and their feathery plumes will stand out in any garden. Because of their height, Pennisetum plants look great as a “thriller” plant—something tall and flashy to act as a focal point in mixed arrangements in the garden or containers. Plant it near the back of your garden, so it doesn’t block any shorter plants from view. 


On the hunt for perennials that will bloom all summer or offer stunning all-summer foliage? We’ve got an incredible collection in store for our Simcoe gardeners this year, and we’re so eager to show you what’s new and noteworthy! Visit us soon and one of our team members will be happy to help you find the perfect perennial assortment to make your garden look amazing all year. 

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