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Create Inspiring Outdoor Designs with Exotic Tropical Houseplants

March 1, 2022
Written by Aaron

Exotic tropical houseplants don’t need to remain indoors all year—in fact, they’ll likely appreciate the extra fresh air and sunshine in the summer! Incorporating tropical plants into your outdoor designs will completely transform the energy and style of your space. Outdoor living and entertaining are all the more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by stunning scenery!  


Function and Fashion: Styling Your Outdoor Spaces with Tropical Plants

After a long winter cooped up indoors, we’re eager to spend time outside and create functional living spaces for sharing meals, entertaining, and relaxing. Here are some ways you can make your yard even more beautiful with tropical plants, so your time spent outdoors is all the more enjoyable.

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-queen palm eising exotics

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Lounge in Paradise

Nothing beats lounging in the sun on a comfy beach chair, but it’s important not to overdo it with the sun tanning! If you need some shade, skip the beach umbrella and opt for a much more stylish alternative: a gorgeous, green leaf canopy. Tall tropical palms with big, breezy leaves, like Alexander Palms and Queen Palms, are perfect for creating shady canopies to rest underneath. A summer of sipping lemonade and flipping through magazines in your backyard mini-jungle will melt your troubles away!

-monstera deliciosa plant eising exotics

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monstera deliciosa eising exotics

Entertain in Style

Outdoor entertaining is one of our favourite parts of summer. Clinking glasses, listening to some good tunes and laughing with friends and family never fails to lift our spirits! But if you want to level up your outdoor-entertaining game, you’ll want to create a fun atmosphere—chill yet invigorating—with plenty of style and personality. 

Stylish tropicals like the trendsetting Monstera Delciosa or the avant-garde Bird of Paradise will score you some major cool points. Their large size and distinctive shapes create an artful, statuesque decor accent that helps set the tone for your space.

-pygmy palm eising exotics

-coco palm eising exotics


Coconut Tree Palm eising exotics

A Tropical Staycation 

It’s natural to crave a change of scenery once in a while, so if you can’t make it out for a summer vacation, bring the vacation to you! Try a resort-inspired backyard makeover, complete with breezy palms like the Pygmy Date Palm or the Coconut Tree Palm

Grab some comfy lawn chairs, set up an outdoor bar station, and give your space some extra flourishes and tiny luxuries to savour all summer. You’ll love being able to soak in the stunning tropical scenery of swaying palms—a very satisfying end to a long workday.

-bismarck palm eising exotics

eising exotics washingtonia robusta palm


Mealtime Marvel

Why rack up a hefty tab at a fancy outdoor patio when you can get the experience right at home? It’s easy to create a lavish atmosphere with just a few well-chosen decor accents to embellish your outdoor dining area. Twinkle lights, some statement dishware with a modern design, and stylish fan palms will instantly make your yard feel like a chic downtown hotspot. We love the Bismarck Palm for its striking shape balanced by a muted gray-green colour. The Washingtonia Robusta Palm has that classic fan palm shape with a textured, distinctive trunk—it nails the 5-Star Resort Bar aesthetic. 

From Basic Backyard Pool to Breezy Beach Club

Having a pool is the ultimate summer luxury, but with new above-ground designs, pools are much more accessible for folks working with a limited budget. Even the most budget-friendly pool will feel relaxing and fun with the addition of some tropical palms to set the scene. Pick out a giant pool floaty, put on your snazziest sunglasses and float your cares away under a canopy of Spindle Palms and Christmas Palms

If you’re craving a getaway and sunny, carefree days in the tropics, our exotic plants will help make home the destination of your dreams. Browse Eising’s exotic tropical plant collection to see all the stunning varieties available now.

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