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Pro Landscaping: A Creative And Memorable Father's Day Gift

June 8, 2020
Written by Aaron

Father's Day is conveniently held right at the start of summer, so that gives you all sorts of options for a creative gift that he can enjoy right away. This year, treat Dad by giving him a chance to relax in a gorgeous yard—instead of toiling away at it himself!—by hiring our pro landscapers to do the work for him.

Our many different landscaping services are varied and customizable, so you can call up our team to help you find the best plan for backyard landscaping that Dad will absolutely love. Or, if Dad likes to have some creative control over projects, we can collaborate with him to develop a design plan that suits his ideal vision. This will certainly be a Father's Day to remember, with a gorgeous new yard that Papa Bear can enjoy for many years to come. Here are some of the services we can provide to make it all happen:

Trees and Shrubs

At Eising, our landscaping pros know a thing or two about planting new trees and shrubs. Instead of fumbling through planting them yourself, which might not guarantee the best results, hire our experts to do it for you! 

There are so many awesome benefits to planting trees and shrubs in the yard—Dad will definitely be on board! Sure, they're beautiful to look at, and they provide some nice shade to lounge around in, but they also increase your home's value significantly! You could even opt for some trees or shrubs to grow Dad's favourite fruit, like peaches or raspberries, so he'll have a steady supply of summer snacks year after year. Plant two trees spaced eight feet apart, and in a few years, you can get him a Father's Day hammock! There, now you've got two Father's Day gift ideas covered!

Perennials and Grasses

If you want some consistent, reliable plants and flowers to add some beauty to the yard, and you aren't too concerned with switching up the scenery every year, then consider planting some perennials and ornamental grasses. Talk to our experts, and we can help pick an assortment of spring, summer, and fall-blooming perennial plants, so there's never a shortage of colour throughout the season. 

Ornamental grasses are such an underrated landscaping staple, adding height, texture and movement to the garden. Plus, Dad will appreciate having some grass in the yard that he doesn't have to cut! We can help you pick out the best varieties for your landscape style and colour palette, and help you find the best places to plant them to create a balanced, aesthetically-pleasing design.

Tropicals and Annuals

Spice things up with some exotic plants, vibrant colours, and tons of variety by opting for sun-loving tropicals and annual plants to enjoy for the summer. Dad will be totally floored when he sees that his old yard has been transformed into a lush, tropical oasis. Who needs a vacation when you've got the perfect getaway right at home?

Whether you think hanging baskets and container arrangements will do the trick, or you'd prefer a fully-loaded garden bed, we can help you choose stunning assortments of flowers that can thrive throughout our Southern Ontario summers. Even if your yard doesn't get much sunshine, we can still make some magic happen! Plenty of rainforest-dwelling tropical plants prefer the shade and will be right at home in your yard underneath a canopy of tree foliage.

Small Space Design

Don't have a ton of space? No problemo! Our creative team is great at making the most out of small spaces. We strategically place plants throughout the yard in a stylish and functional way, so Dad will have plenty of room to stretch out on his favourite lounger. A smaller space can feel much bigger with a layout that sections the yard into different living areas and draws the eye to unique focal points throughout the space. A small patio set is always inviting and will get plenty of use, so it's a pretty smart use for the space you have!

Develop Design Ideas With On-Site Consultation

If Dad's a take-charge guy who likes to take the lead, let him have some input on the landscape design by setting up an on-site consultation with our landscaping pros! We can work together to create the best possible design by combining Dad's big ideas and the most practical, cost-efficient ways to make them happen. That way, you'll be sure that he absolutely loves the final product.


The cost of a professional landscaping consultation with our team is $150 plus taxes, which we’re happy to apply to a gift card—perfect for surprising him on Father’s Day! To purchase a gift card or get more information about our landscaping services, give us a call and we'll be happy to help. Or, you can gift Dad some gorgeous new perennials with our brand new online store! We have delivery and curbside pick-up options available, so getting everything you need for the garden is easier than ever before.  

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