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6 Big Houseplants that Make a Statement!

June 28, 2021
Written by Aaron

If your home decor is feeling a little uninspired lately, adding one large indoor plant in a pretty container can make a world of difference! With vibrant, fresh colour, big glossy leaves, and powerful air-purifying properties, you’ll love the way your room feels with the addition of an extra-big houseplant.

Big Houseplants = Maximum Style Impact

These beautiful behemoths grow to impressive heights, instantly becoming the focal point of any room. With all the beauty and style of a tall, elegant art sculpture, but with a much more modest price tag, there are so many reasons to love these large indoor plants.

Majesty Palm

A breezy palm plant never fails to bring that carefree “California coast” vibe to your indoor scenery. They grow up to 10 feet tall, so if you want your majesty palm to get as large as possible, fertilize it from spring to fall and repot it in a slightly larger container every two years. This tropical beauty is also non-toxic and pet-friendly, so you can safely add it to your home decor if you’ve got cats, dogs, or curious kids.

snake plants

Snake Plant

The snake plant, or sansevieria, is one of the easiest large indoor plants to grow. It thrives in low light, only needs to be watered 1–2 times per month, and it has the most incredible foliage! Its tall leaves grow upward like swords but with a slight ripple and beautiful colour variegation. They’re an excellent large plant for small indoor spaces because they don’t spread outwards and can be easily tucked into tight corners.

Philodendron Hope Selloum

The ruffled texture of this rainforest beauty adds an exciting, exotic edge to your decor. Like many other large-sized philodendrons, this plant produces aerial roots that help it cling to surfaces so it can grow even taller. A moss pole or stake can provide some extra support so the climbing stems can remain supported. However, if you accidentally break one off, don’t fret! The cut stems can live in a vase of water for several months, so they make a cool decor accent for your coffee tables and shelves.

Monstera Deliciosa

This super stylish indoor plant is large and in charge! Its distinctive hole-filled leaves have the most gorgeous, satiny sheen. Resist the urge to put them in direct sun—it will scorch that fabulous foliage! Instead, find a spot with bright, filtered light. After all, this plant is accustomed to living under a rainforest canopy of tree leaves, so it prefers a little protection.

Money Tree

What makes the money tree so special? On top of having large leaves that fan out like big green stars, it has multiple flexible trunks that are often braided early in its development. The result is an absolutely gorgeous, sturdy trunk that looks like woven rattan furniture. Find bright, indirect light for your money tree, and turn the pot 90 degrees each time you water it. This way, the leaves will get equal exposure to the sun, and you won’t end up with a lopsided plant.

fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you’re on the hunt for large indoor trees that won’t completely take over your whole room, the fiddle leaf fig is an absolute must. Its stunning foliage has us absolutely swooning! However, it is a bit more finicky than your typical houseplant. It likes humid air, is very sensitive to cold drafts, and prefers bright, indirect or filtered light. Once you find the perfect spot in the room for your fiddle leaf fig and nail down a consistent watering routine, it should remain glossy and gorgeous.

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