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Our Favourite Spring Flowers

April 11, 2019
Written by Aaron

After a winter like the one we had, we’re all ready and eagerly anticipating the spring, when our favorite blooms and a little greenery will finally take over from the dreary and dark winter days. There’s something special about the optimism of spring and all of the bright and clean colours that it brings with it - we can’t help but smile when we see the first buds and blooms poking their heads out to brave the spring weather. Here are some of our favourite seasonal blooms and how you can get them in your own yard:

Spring Flowers

These flowers, either planted as starters or grown from seed, are some of the traditional classics that we can’t get enough of. There’s a reason that these flowers have been endlessly popular and iconic for decades, and we’re not ones to knock a formula that’s working. Try one of these in a traditional look, or pick up a new variety that offers a fun and stylish spin on and old favourite:

Carnations are a frilly and delicate-looking flower that are simple to grow and offer endless choices with hundreds of varieties to choose from. Long lasting in vases, growing them outside and taking a little bit indoors to be appreciated is recommended in the spring when we are ready to absorb as much colour as we can! If protected against hard weather, you can enjoy your carnations well into the fall. They can be grown from seed, sown into well-draining soil, but also can be started from cuttings or propagated from mature plants. Tough, yet pretty, you can start growing these as soon as your last frost date is passed as they do best in the milder temperatures of spring.

Hydrangeas are best started from a starter plant or a cutting, but once they are established their old-fashioned charm is enough to keep you wanting more - thankfully, these perennials will be back to bloom again in the spring as long as you protect them during the cold winter months! These are the perfect bloom for gardeners that want a lot of style and punch for their effort because they are easy to grow and manage, while producing delightful bunches of blooms. While traditional colours focus on shades of pink and blue, there are now lots of options that include white, lavender, and purple. For the garden chemists out there, you can even experiment to change the colour of some types of hydrangeas from pink to blue with some soil pH tinkering. Tolerant of many conditions and often thriving the more you ignore them these flowers are a pretty statement in your garden, in a vase inside, or even dried. You’ll be excited for spring every year with these pretty blooms in your yard.

Snapdragons are a bold statement flower with towering spikes of blooms that add interest and sweet fragrance to your yard. These blooms are a late spring and early summer treat that are worth the anticipation all spring. These flowers offer a unique look to your garden, but with endless choices when it comes to colour and height they are a fully customizable look. We love them as accents or in borders, but we also love taking cuttings and bringing them inside to enjoy, too. Although your snapdragons will stop blooming during the hottest days of the summer, you’ll be thrilled to find them blooming again in the fall before they freeze. Start these pretty blooms from seed indoors now to have seedlings that are ready to move outside in the spring. Plant the hardened-off seedlings outdoors with lots of room (6 to 12 inches between plants) to grow, in an area with full sun and rich, well draining soil. Remove the flower spikes - we recommend cutting them for bouquets - to encourage your snapdragons to keep blooming as long as possible, giving your the benefit of a long-lasting and impressive show.

Spring Bulbs

Many of our classic garden favourites are actually bulbs! These are the ultimate plant-it-then-forget it blooms that you can plant in the fall, chill in the ground over the winter, and they will be ready to shine before the rest of your garden is even ready to plant. A lot of spring traditional favourites, these bulbs can be planted in the fall for an easy and simple show in the following spring. If you didn’t get to planting bulbs this past fall? You can always try again this year, or try planting bulbs that have been pre-chilled at the perfect temperature to mimic winter, ready to be planted in your thawed garden for a display of colour this season.

Tulips are arguably one of the most classic signs of spring, perhaps tied with the other classic bulb - the daffodil. Tulips have been a popular sensation for centuries and we have all of those years of growing to thank for their wide variety of colours and styles. Choose a sunny location with well-draining soil for the best and brightest tulips. These bulbs are like a painting in your backyard and make excellent cut flowers for a spring bouquet. Many tulip varieties will only give you triumphant cups of joy for a few years, so replant some fresh bulbs every fall to avoid disappointment in the spring.

Daffodils are like droplets of sunshine in your garden, just in time for when the weather is warm enough to actually get out and enjoy their cheerful yellow colour. That said, new innovations in daffodils have a whole roster of other non-yellow shades and unique shapes to choose from so that your daffodil garden is truly customizable to your tastes. These flowers are always sure to put us in a mood for spring. Plant them in partial to full sun to have them reach their full potential. These plants are tough and long lasting, so your investment in a single fall planting could last for up to multiple decades! That’s a lot of springtimes full of joy and colour.

Hyacinths are a great opportunity for a little bit of cooler-tone colour in your springtime garden, especially next to the bold and daring shades of daffodils and many tulips. These flowers offer clusters of blooms that smell just as fabulous as they look. We love to plant these in full-sun spots that have high traffic so that we get to enjoy the full sensory experience of them, not just their look. Just be sure to wear gloves when working with them as their sap can be an irritant.

Spring weather just makes us want to get outside and enjoy the milder temperatures and sunshine, but what better way to make our gardens incredibly enticing than a batch of fresh spring colour? Whether you want to plant something now to enjoy it for a season or plant something long lasting for years of seasonal blooms, spring is the perfect time to embrace life and colour right in our own homes.

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