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Chrysanthemums and Other Fall Blooming Plants

August 13, 2019
Written by Aaron

One of the best parts of summer is the fabulous floral displays we get to enjoy, but with chrysanthemums and other fall blooming plants, the fun doesn’t have to end once the school year starts up. There are loads of flowers that bloom well into September and October here in Simcoe, filling your yard with spectacular colours that complement the stunning fall foliage perfectly. Fall blooming plants like chrysanthemums create the perfect backdrop for backyard autumn barbecues, bonfires, and cozy nights on the patio with a hot cup of apple cider. Add some of these plants to your landscape this summer, so you can enjoy them for months to come:

Chrysanthemums: No autumn garden is complete without this quintessential fall blooming flower. Its blossoms vary in shape and size— some are more daisy-like, whereas others are bushier like pom poms, and they all come in bright candy-coloured shades like orange, yellow, and magenta, adding some fun and whimsy into your backyard scenery. Chrysanthemums bloom their biggest and brightest when planted in full sun, with well-draining soil mixed with plenty of organic material. They’re particularly popular in container arrangements, so have some fun creating a colourful patio display of pumpkins and planters full of orange and pink chrysanthemums for the October holidays. You can expect chrysanthemums to continue blooming until the first frost hits.

Joe Pye Weed: This flowering plant has tall, emerald stems and purplish-red panicles of blossoms that produce tons of sweet nectar— butterflies can’t resist them! You can trim them down to your preferred size, but mature plants can reach heights of up to 12 feet. It likes full sun or partial shade, and it’s pretty tolerant of moist soils. When planting these fall blooming flowers, try to aim for mid-spring or mid-autumn, as the hot summer temperatures might be a bit of a shock, and the sun will evaporate much-needed moisture from the soil more quickly.

Balloon Flower: These cheerful indigo blossoms earned their name from the round, puffed-up shape their buds take on before bursting into bloom. They’re surprisingly hardy and can withstand the occasional drought. Full sun is best, and soil that’s a bit on the acidic side will help produce the biggest, brightest flowers. Their cool blue tones bring a strikingly beautiful contrast of colour against the warm, golden tones of fall.

Aster: These autumn flowers look just like spring daisies, yet they’re one of our favourite late-season flowers that bloom in September and October. There are several different cultivars, so if you’d like something 6 inches tall or 6 feet tall, there’s an aster that will fit your landscape design. Asters like full sun and regular watering but can withstand minor droughts once in a while. Particularly tall varieties might require staking to stay upright. They make great container plants too, so you can mix and match with a few other flowers on this list to create a pretty impressive fall planter. Regular deadheading at the start of its blooming season will help it to keep producing more flowers.

Stonecrop: Also known as sedum, this peculiar succulent groundcover comes in an endless variety of colours and shapes. It’s not just its flowers that provide visual interest— its colourful, sometimes multi-tonal foliage can come in shades like lime green, burgundy, and teal blue. Some grow and spread low to the ground, even creeping up rocks and walls, whereas others have upright growing habits. Most do well in full sun, but there are a few types that prefer some partial shade. Like many other succulents, they don’t have to be watered quite as often as typical garden plants, so this is a great low-maintenance option to fill in gaps throughout your garden.

These fall blooming plants may show up a little late to the party, but we’re sure glad they make an appearance! Their vibrant colours and distinctive foliage bring a burst of energy and warmth into the landscape at the end of the season, before we inevitably slug through another flower-less Simcoe winter. Have one last hurrah in your garden this year with these fabulous fall blooming flowers— and while you’re at it, why not plant some fall bulbs so they’re all ready for the following spring? Visit us at Eising Greenhouses & Garden Centre and we’ll help you get all stocked up in time for fall.

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