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Dressing Cozy for the Holiday Season

November 23, 2021
Written by Aaron

‘Tis the season for fireplaces, warm drinks, family pictures, and comfy clothes! With time off and lots of eating on the agenda, it’s important to be both comfortable and stylish this winter. Whatever your style, incorporate cozy to make this holiday season merry and bright.

What Counts as Cozy?

Typically, “cozy” clothes include leggings, warm fuzzy boots, and an oversized sweater or cardigan. Cozy is similar to fall attire but with a stronger priority on comfort and warmth. 

Of course, you can adapt this to your own style and what you prefer to wear. At the end of the day, cozy means comfortable—and whatever that looks like is entirely up to you. Everyone celebrates the holidays differently; naturally, everyone will be dressing differently too! 

If you want some inspiration for new ways to dress up your comfy clothes, keep reading! The key is layering and using oversized pieces that are soft to the touch. 

Sassyfras boutique vest and scarf winter wear

Casual & Cozy for Christmas Shopping

Consider our puffy brown vest over our charcoal grey sweater with jeans and sheepskin boots, for a casual look. Add a toque or a scarf for extra warmth! 

If you want to feel like you are walking around in a warm blanket all day, opt for leggings with an oversized knit cardigan! Add some jewelry or a vibrant scarf to elevate the style and keep it from being slouchy.    

For the guys, try one of our flannel tops with jeans and a white T-shirt underneath. Add a hoodie or a puffy vest over it to add that final ‘comfort meets style’ polished appearance.

Cozy Chic, for Holiday Dinners

Pants or a fitted skirt paired with a knit cowl neck sweater is the epitome of elegance and coziness! If a sweater is too warm, try a long cardigan open over a white shirt. Add jewelry and a touch of glitter to your makeup for extra elegance and Christmas sparkle. 

Let’s face it, we need a stretchy waistband for holiday meal enjoyment, so consider these vegan leather leggings that are classy and comfortable, a satisfying compromise between restricting jeans and overly casual leggings.

-knit sweater for men Sassyfras boutique

For the men, consider nice jeans and a well-fitting sweater or a button-down shirt, untucked with the sleeves rolled up for comfort. If you want something a little warmer, try a knit sweater over jeans and one of our Henley long sleeve shirts.

-business party attire winter clothing Sassyfras boutique

Cozy Formalwear for Business Parties

Formalwear is a little tricky to bring the cozy component into! The little things help when you’re trying to be comfortable all night long at a business holiday party. 

For the gents, consider a light sweater underneath your suit jacket instead of just a button-down and a tie. You can also layer the sweater over the button-down and under the jacket—whichever combination works for you!


Elevated Cozy Outfits for Christmas Morning

Of course, there is no event quite as special as opening gifts with family and loved ones on Christmas morning. The coffee is warm, the kids are excited, and there is no pressure to dress up quite yet.

-Christmas pajamas Sassyfras boutique

If jeans seem too structured (or constricting) for your holiday vibes, go with structured sweatpants or stylish joggers, a white T-shirt, and a nice cardigan.

Whatever your style or event, it’s easy to bring comfort and coziness to your holiday attire. For more ideas and options, visit Sassyfras at Eising Garden Centre, and we’ll make sure you are your most comfortable for Christmas!

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