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Fall Fashion Must-Haves

September 6, 2021
Written by Aaron

As we transition our closets from summer to fall, it can be tricky putting trendy, cozy, and warm outfits together. Never fear, the Sassyfras Boutique is here! Here are some must-have items and trends to fill your closet with great fall outfits this season.


Botanical Prints

While fall may not be a time where we get to grow our favourite plants, we can incorporate them into cute fall outfits instead! Bring nature into your wardrobe with bold floral patterns or something more minimalist. You can think beyond the florals, too. Botanical prints can include green foliage, mushrooms, acorns, and herbs. Go big and colourful with prints, or find a comfy sweater with delicate botanical embroidery. You can customize your favourite fall plant outfits just like your own garden!

neutral t shirts and undershirts on hangers Eising Garden Centre

Natural Fabrics

Nothing says “fall” more than natural fabrics like linen and cotton. Warm, cozy, and eco-friendly, natural fabrics in earth-tone shades never go out of style. Incorporate natural fabrics into cute fall outfits by choosing a linen or cotton dress, linen trousers, or a simple, soft, cozy cotton tee. Natural fabric dyeing is also very trendy right now, which can be a super fun fall DIY project. There are tons of DIY videos online to help you beautifully dye your own natural fabric clothing. 


Rhubarb and Peach

Some of the best colour trends this fall are also some of the tastiest garden treats! Peach and rhubarb, and every shade in between, are the must-have fall colours. Incorporate these fall colours into your outfits to create a cute and monochromatic look. If you’re hoping for a more subtle feel, you can use these colours in unexpected ways to refresh fall outfits. Try finding brooches, scarves, or collars decorated with peach and rhubarb accents.

woman wearing jean vest Eising Garden Centre

See my Vest

We love to see the vests! While they went into hibernation for a time, they are back and better than ever. Vests can be so comfortable and perfect for layering. With a surge in the “academia” style, adding a vest to many outfits brings a layer of cuteness, intelligence, and mystery this fall. You can choose a puffy vest for your outdoor adventures, a knitted one in your fav fall colour, or add a denim one to your ‘casual Friday’ office outfits for a little autumnal chic. 


Go Daring in Denim

It’s never been a better time to be Canadian! Pull out your vintage Canadian tuxedo and pile on the denim. While you may not want to go full denim (although we have no doubts you could pull it off!), you can start small with a classic denim jacket, jeans in any wash you want, or some adorable overalls.

Eising Garden Centre woman wearing yellow cardigan and green shirt

Yellows, Golds, and Green

As the weather cools, try adding some fall-friendly tones to your cute outfits. A shade of yellow was awarded Pantone’s colour of the year for 2021, so we know there will be no shortage of yellow options for your fall wardrobe. Mustard, gold, and emerald green add rich colour and complement the fall backdrop perfectly. Try pairing a mustard cardigan, gold jewellery, and a green velvet skirt for a chic fall outfit. Or, mix and match just a few pieces for a subtle look.


Don’t Forget the Layers!

No matter what cute fall trends you put together for your go-to autumn outfits, it’s always a good idea to layer up. While layering is a trend in itself, it’s also just a smart way to handle the Canadian weather. Long-sleeved tops, vests, cardigans, and tights are a few key items to transform your closet into tons of comfy, warm, fall-friendly outfits.

Visit our Sassyfras boutique to shop around and fill your closet with simple, fall outfits. If you have any questions about fall basics in Simcoe, come visit us at Eising Garden Centre. We’d love to help you with fashion, plant care, and landscaping!

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