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DIY Fresh Evergreen Decor

November 16, 2020
Written by Aaron

Fresh evergreen decor has the amazing double impact of visual beauty and nostalgic aroma, bringing back old holiday memories each time you walk past and catch a whiff of its invigorating pine scent. For those with a knack for crafts and creative designs, making your own DIY decor is such a fun way to add a personal touch to your winter holiday decor. You can pick a theme or a colour scheme and then customize all your decorations accordingly, for a picture-perfect look that would put Chip and Joanna Gaines to shame. 


Here are some creative ideas and tips for using evergreen cuttings in your DIY holiday decor projects. Let’s get ready to deck some halls!

The Best Greenery for Wreaths

Wreaths are pretty much the quintessential winter decor piece for indoors and outdoors, with endless ways to customize the look and add beautiful accents. But, depending on the kind of look you want to achieve and where you’re planning on hanging the wreath, you’ll need to choose the right type of greenery, or else you could end up with a brown wreath that drops needles faster than ‘90s pop stars drop their Christmas albums. 

We recommend using either cedar or Fraser fir cuttings for indoor wreaths, as they are very heat-tolerant and won’t turn brown if placed near a warm vent. Cedar has an exceptionally potent citrus-like scent that we can’t get enough of! We also love the look of fresh or dried eucalyptus for more modern, minimalist wreaths—especially if you want to keep them up well past December. 

outdoor fresh green wreath with red bow

Outdoor wreaths require cold-hardy cuttings like juniper, pine, or spruce. Juniper is quite distinctive, as it has little blue berries all over it, but you’ll want to take care when handling it, as its needles are pretty pointy. Spruce is similarly sharp, so some protective gloves are a good idea! Pine is a bit more on the delicate side, so it isn’t as great for holding heavy ornaments, but its long needles and wispy, shaggy appearance is very in style. 

If you prefer the look of a leafy wreath instead of one that’s covered in little green needles, try making a boxwood wreath! The little loonie-shaped leaves of this adorable evergreen can even be preserved in glycerin if you’d like to keep it for longer than a few weeks. 

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How to Decorate Outdoor Pots for Christmas

Outdoor Christmas potted arrangements are the perfect way to boost winter curb appeal and make your home’s entrance look warm and welcoming. When curating arrangements for your Christmas pots, use the same kind of design formula as you would with a live container arrangement: use tall, upright branches and cuttings for the center or back of the pot for the best visibility, add shaggier, trailing cuttings around the edges to spill out down the sides. Then, fill up the gaps in the middle with more mounded plants or cute holiday accents!  

Plain, leafless branches actually look quite elegant when surrounded by lush evergreen cuttings, and they add a cool architectural effect. Bright red dogwood branches add a festive pop of colour, and thicker birch branches have more of a rustic vibe. 

You can get extra creative when it comes to choosing decorative add-ons and accents! Shiny ribbons and glassy ornaments bring that classic opulent holiday spirit, whereas natural accents like lotus seed pods, berries and pinecones look more woodsy and lush. We’ve got it all at Eising, so come browse our full selection of decorations to get some inspiration!

4 Creative Ideas for Evergreen Decor

Looking for something a little different than the classic wreaths and garlands? Try out some of these cute DIY decorations for the winter season. 

Fresh Evergreen Swags

Big, dramatic door swags are such a fun alternative to wreaths, and you don’t have to be as careful about making sure everything is perfectly in place. The more shaggy and voluminous, the better! Swags look best when there’s a large, decorative accent as the main focal point at the top, with long tails of evergreen cuttings hanging down from under it. Ribbons and pinecones are the most common topper for door swags, but lately we’ve really been loving the look of silk flowers instead, for an elegant, feminine touch. 

evergreen kissing ball

Kissing Balls

These adorable hanging balls or meant to be dangled from door frames in lieu of the traditional cutting of mistletoe. First, start with a potato! Attach a loop of twine to a screw and twist it into the potato to anchor it in. Then, stick in a bunch of boxwood sprigs all over so the spud is completely covered, and then trim it so it’s a perfect sphere. Add little accents like berries or ribbons. Finally, hook the loop over your doorway to hang the decoration. The moisture from the potato will help keep the leaves alive longer! 

Gift Tags

For a lovely special touch to top off each of the presents under the tree, attach little cuttings onto the gift tags with a piece of twine or ribbon. It’s the easiest way to take a wrapped gift from simple to sensational! 

Mini Wreath Mobiles

Instead of one large wreath, make several small wreaths that vary slightly in size, and suspend them from a large branch or piece of driftwood. Hang it on the wall for a cute, boho decor piece that’s sure to garner many compliments!

Eager to blast some holiday tunes and start decorating? Eising has all sorts of cuttings and winter plants available now for your DIY evergreen decor projects, so visit the shop soon to snatch some up while supplies last!

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