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How To Design Fabulous Winter Curb Appeal

November 12, 2019
Written by Aaron

When you design your home’s exterior with winter curb appeal in mind, it's amazing how welcoming and warm it can look with just a few simple touches. When the neighbourhood is blanketed with snow and the sky is grey, having an eye-catching, beautiful home can really lift your spirits! There are many fun and low-effort ways to transform your home's aesthetic for the winter. Take a look at some of these curb appeal landscaping and decorating ideas to spruce things up this winter season!

8 Inspiring Ideas For Winter Curb Appeal Design 

For some serious Simcoe curb appeal, try adding in some of these stylistic touches to keep things merry and bright:

First, Pick A Theme. Are you into the rustic vintage look, or are you more of a glitter-and-glam type? Having a consistent theme throughout your home's outdoor aesthetic will make everything look streamlined and beautiful. Browse through social media hashtags and Pinterest to get some inspiration for themes and colour schemes, or create a mood board to get those creative juices flowing.

Light Things Up. Twinkle lights are a quintessential holiday decoration, but you can do so much more than just hanging them around your roof. Jazz up the bare trees in your yard by wrapping lights around the trunk and branches, add some into your container arrangements, and grab some solar-powered lanterns to decorate your garden and porch.

Get Creative With Holiday Urns. Fresh evergreen boughs, pinecones, ribbons, and natural wood elements or glitzy picks look so fabulous all arranged together in an ornamental urn. Start by picking out an urn that matches your chosen theme—a birchbark motif would look amazing if you're going for the rustic look. Next, gather all the accoutrements for filling your urn, and arrange them with the tallest pieces in the middle, and shorter pieces all around the border.

Adding in some pieces that trail down the side can also have a great impact on the composition of your arrangement. You could even try wrapping some twinkle lights around the base of your urn for some extra sparkle. If you're less-than-confident in your design skills, join us at one of our holiday urn workshops on November 21st at 6:30 pm, or November 23rd at 10:00 am!

Embrace Metallic Accents. Silver and gold are the go-to metallics for winter decor, but you could even experiment with metallic colours like amethyst, rose gold, or emerald. The shimmery finish complements the glittering white snow beautifully, and they catch the light so well. Paint a few branches with metallic paint and pop them into your holiday urn, or grab some metallic outdoor accessories like lanterns, plant pots, or wind spinners.

Make A Statement Wreath. There are endless ways to customize your wreaths, whether you make them with fresh evergreen sprigs, twisted twigs, or whatever material suits your fancy. Think outside the box and try something different—maybe even integrate some cute novelty ornaments and funky fabric ribbons! Some folks have even taken to hanging their wreaths like a chandelier, with wispy evergreen plumes that hang down ever-so-elegantly. 

Give A Warm Welcome. A cute, festive welcome sign is a straightforward way of creating an inviting and warm atmosphere! We're really looking forward to our Christmas Welcome Planter workshop at 1:00 pm on November 30th. Come join us, and we'll show you how to make one yourself!

Put Up A Bird Feeder. Not only are ornamental bird feeders a lovely sight to behold, but the birds they attract are welcome visitors that are so enjoyable to watch. It's a win-win: you get to enjoy their pretty songs and colourful feathers, and they get to enjoy a hearty snack to help get them through the winter. We recommend buying a simple wooden one and giving it a cool custom paint job to fit with your chosen colour palette.

Get Some Potted Dwarf Conifers For The Porch. Little miniature Christmas trees are downright adorable! A variety like the Blue Star Juniper is nice and compact, and it would add tons of holiday festivity without taking up too much real estate. Pick out some pretty decorative containers and string some lights around them for maximum impact! And the bonus is you can plant it into your landscape in the spring.

Beautiful decorations and glittering lights make holidays at home all the more memorable. If you're in need of some fresh evergreen boughs or other winter decorating supplies, or if you'd like to register for one of our upcoming workshops, visit us in-store at Eising's, and we'll help you get your home winter-ready.

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