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Succulent Centrepieces and More! Decorating Your Table for Thanksgiving

September 27, 2021
Written by Aaron

Before we deck the halls with boughs of holly, it’s time to carve the turkey and decorate for the Thanksgiving season. Create these fabulous fall centrepieces with our Thanksgiving design guide!

Thanksgiving Succulent Centrepieces

Succulents are not just a summer trend! Celebrate the season with adorable succulents in your Thanksgiving centrepiece. 

Pumpkin and Succulent Centrepiece

This is a no-carve and mess-free decorating tip that will have the guests at your Thanksgiving dinner in awe. Take an heirloom pumpkin and remove the stem only. Gather some succulents and mosses to use. Before diving into this DIY, you’ll need to let your cut succulents callus. Callusing your succulents means, if they are a fresh cutting, you need to let them heal over for 4-5 days. Once that’s done, you can use spray adhesive to secure about ½ inch of moss all over the top of the pumpkin. Then, with a bit of hot glue, attach the succulents to the moss. Yes, they will put down roots and grow right there on the pumpkin! Just mist the moss regularly. 

succulent log planter and succulent pumpkin planter Eising garden centre

Rustic Forest Succulent Centrepiece

If you’d rather skip the pumpkin, you can take a wood round or even a log and turn it into something spectacular. Make sure the wood is free of pests, then plot out where you’d like to add moss, succulents, and other fall festive plants. Secure the moss and succulents in the same way as the pumpkin centrepiece.


Bold and Beautiful Thanksgiving Centrepieces 

Go bold for Thanksgiving with flowers and plants saturated in your favourite autumnal hues.

Crotons are famous for their dappling of yellow, red, and orange on their leaves. Even on their own, they make a great Thanksgiving centrepiece. If you want to get a bit more creative, add them amongst a harvest vegetable cornucopia. 

Bromeliads have gorgeous towering flowers in our favourite autumn shades. Try red, orange, or yellow bromeliads for your Thanksgiving centrepieces. Not to mention, bromeliads grow “pups” when they get older, so you can split the plant and share it with your friends. 

Anthuriums are known for their bright red waxy flowers. For your Thanksgiving centrepieces, pair anthuriums with “spiller” or “filler” plants like snake or spider plants so they can really stand out and steal the show.

Prairie Inspired Thanksgiving Centrepieces

Prairie style and Thanksgiving go hand-in-hand. Create a prairie-themed cornucopia as the centrepiece of your Thanksgiving dinner table. Get inspired by wheat, root veggies and squash, and natural prairie wildflowers like yarrow, sage, prairie clover, coneflower, asters, and sunflowers. Gather these into a bouquet and use twine or other natural materials for that rustic vibe.


How to Make a Wheat Bundle

Another way to incorporate prairie style into your Thanksgiving centrepieces is through a wheat bundle. Grab two wheat bundles from your local garden centre or craft store, some twine, shears, a cone-shaped floral foam, and hot glue. Align the stems along the outside of the cone, with the bushel part of the wheat stick a few inches out from the narrow top of the cone. Glue down the stems all along the outside of the cone until you cannot see the green foam anymore (you’ll probably have to do two layers.) Trim the bottom of the wheat so it’s uniform in appearance. Finally, wrap a layer of twine or fabric around the middle of the fabric to look like it’s bound together.

Eising garcen centre Thanksgiving tablescaping

Creativity with Tablescaping

Tablescaping, like landscaping, has a few basic rules to follow, but then you can get as creative as you’d like. 

Play with Texture: Choose fabrics, plants, and florals with different textures that create visual interest. Think of the coziness of a soft table runner paired with the rugged texture of wheat, along with the bumpy skin of an heirloom pumpkin.

Mix and Match Patterns: You can keep your Thanksgiving tablescapes and centrepieces all within one theme (plaid, rustic, classic, etc.) but don’t be afraid to change up patterns within those themes. 

Don’t Spare the Details: Keep in mind the small things that may add up. Thanksgiving tablescapes include not only pumpkins and succulents, but also things like lighting, serving dishes, and ambiance. This is your chance to add your personal style to the dinner table. 

Whether you opt for succulent, prairie, or pumpkin centrepieces this Thanksgiving, we’d love to hear from you. If you need help choosing Thanksgiving decorations in Simcoe, come visit us!

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