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How to Decorate with Fresh Greenery for Christmas

November 8, 2021
Written by Aaron

Everyone loves covering their home in greenery and garland for Christmas! Fake greenery might be reusable every year but there is something special and extra beautiful about using fresh greenery to decorate with. Greenery can take a little bit of work to make sure it stays fresh all December long, but it looks fantastic with Christmas decor

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Why Use Fresh Greenery for Christmas?

  • Fresh greenery smells amazing in the home. Rather than using faux pine scents to create a Christmas atmosphere, you can bring the real source inside!
  • Fresh greenery has a natural drape that is beautiful on mantels, banisters, and more. The shape is more realistic and elegant than plastic garlands and wreaths.
  • It can make Christmas extra special! It’s an easy swap that elevates your Christmas decor. 
  • The best part is that there is no storage required! Thin out some of the Christmas bins in the basement with less plastic, wire garland, and wreaths to store. 

How to Keep Your Greenery Fresh Until Christmas

Buying fresh is the most important step! Be a little picky and make sure you’re getting greenery that has been kept cool and moist.

Start by soaking your fresh greens in water overnight before displaying so that it can absorb all the moisture it needs. After it’s dried off the next day, use an anti-transpirant spray to keep water from evaporating from the needles (do this step outdoors).

Spritz the garlands to maintain their freshness (spray garlands from the back) and keep them away from sunlight or heat vents so that they don’t dry out. With these tips, your greenery should last 3-4 weeks! 

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How to Use Your Fresh Greenery for Christmas



Christmas garland is a favourite use for greenery. Try draping fresh boughs across your mantel, tie them to the banister, drape them across the top of your cabinets, or wrap around any decorative pillars you have in your space. You can also use them to frame windows and doorways.



Gathering around the table for a home-cooked meal and sitting in the living room opening gifts both deserve a lovely centrepiece for the dining table or coffee table. Use fresh greenery to accent a floral centrepiece, complement a bowl of oranges decorated with cloves, or encircle candle arrangements. 

For something larger, a garland on top of a table runner will bring the Christmas spirit to every end of the table! If you want something smaller in nature, use small sprigs of fresh greenery in the place settings, tucked into intricately folded napkins or as an accent beside charger plates. Adding fresh sprigs to wrapped presents is also a festive idea!

-Evergreen wreath and planters - eising garden centre


Whether they are placed on your door or as a decorative piece on your wall, wreaths make a beautiful display that can be customized to whatever your tastes are! Incorporate flowers, pinecones, lights, ribbon, ornaments, gingerbread men, dried oranges, or whatever brings the Christmas spirit into your home. Fresh greenery adds elegance and scent to your space. 

However you celebrate the holidays, fresh garland and boughs are the perfect way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into the home. For high-quality fresh greenery for your Christmas decorating, head to Eising Garden Centre. Happy holidays!

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