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Easy Houseplants

April 3, 2024
Written by The Eising Team

You read that right. Easy houseplants exist, and there are some very cool varieties too. Easy does not mean boring!

Plenty of tropical plants are forgiving and require little fussing—you just need to know which ones and how to care for them. 

These plants are generally resilient and forgiving of occasional neglect, making them perfect choices for new growers. When choosing any houseplant, consider your home's lighting conditions and the care you can provide. 


Pothos vine is one of the easiest houseplants to grow and is perfect for beginners.

Bright and indirect light is what this plant loves, but it will also grow in low light - just not no light. 

Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Too much moisture will cause the roots to rot. The plant’s leaves will droop and let you know when it needs a drink!

Feed Pothos with a balanced fertilizer monthly in Spring and Summer only to keep it thriving.

Ponytail Palm

Give this plant the brightest location in the house. It loves full sun or bright, indirect light. They will survive to 10 Celsius, but this plant loves warmer temperatures.

Be careful not to overwater Ponytail Palms. Because water is stored in the bulbous stem, they only need a drink every 7 to 10 days during the summer. In the winter, cut back to monthly watering.

Use a slow-release pellet fertilizer in the Spring for carefree maintenance.

Trimming the tips off damaged leaves will keep them healthy.

Peace Lily

This plant loves filtered or indirect sun (place it a few feet away from a sunny window or in an east-facing window) and moderately moist soil.

While Peace Lilies love moist and warm conditions, keeping them under-watered is best. Use your finger to check the soil’s moisture. Water this plant when the top inch of soil has dried out. 

Use slow-release fertilizer pellets in the Spring or feed the soil weekly during the summer with liquid fertilizer. This plant enjoys frequent feeding during the growing season.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are straightforward to grow. They prefer an area with partial sun or semi-shade that is warm.

Keep the soil lightly moist, not soggy! 

Use an all-purpose fertilizer during the summer months. Trim off any brown leaves as needed.

Snake Plant

Indirect sun (a few feet away from a sunny window) or a couple hours of early morning sun will keep this plant happy. These tropicals thrive in warm temperatures with no cold drafts. 

Do not allow your Snake plant to sit in water! Water deeply, then let it drain only when the soil is dry.

A 10-10-10 balanced fertilizer at half strength once in the spring and again in mid-summer is all the plant food it needs!

One Final Tip

Most houseplants do not like chlorinated or treated tap water. If possible, water your plants with filtered, distilled, or rainwater. If you only have access to tap water, allow it to sit in an open container for several days until the chlorine evaporates. 

Following these simple guidelines will keep your plants healthy, and in return, they will provide natural beauty to your home.

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