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How to Display Your Houseplant Collection

October 25, 2021
Written by Aaron

Houseplants do a lot of the work themselves when it comes to aesthetics. If they have enough sunlight, proper care, and are safe from pets, they’ll grow happily and contribute to your decor. While it’s easy to rely on the instant vitalization that adding a plant can offer a space, learning how to display air plants, succulents, and other houseplants will make your space feel intentional and increase tranquillity.

Let’s learn how to display and organize our plant collection to align with your home's aesthetic!

Displaying Air Plants

Air plants are easy-peasy. They have no need for a container or soil! This makes them super easy to display. Use them to fill in nooks on a shelf that need a little extra oomph, or you can place them amongst other decorations and natural display pieces.

If you want something more intentional, there are glass orbs that you can hang and place multiple plants inside of them. They look stunning in front of a window or alongside a light fixture! Don’t forget that air plants may not need soil to survive, but they need adequate amounts of water, light and nutrients.

Eising garden centre-displaying succulents

Displaying Succulents

Succulents can be displayed in so many ways because the roots are not very deep, so they don’t require a large container to grow well! Think outside the pot when it comes to growing succulents. They can be grown in birdcages, terrariums, vertically on wreaths or wall fixtures, and, of course, they can be grown in a traditional pot if that is what suits your space best!

Consider a large, shallow container full of succulents for a coffee table centrepiece. Plant a few in a birdcage display on a hutch. Succulents can add green to a space where other houseplants might just be too big!

Displaying Houseplants

For larger houseplants, sometimes you have to get creative with the placement. If your plant is quite large, consider a well-lit corner where it can brighten up the space! A nice pot goes a long way indoors, contributing to your overall ambiance.

If you have vining plants, consider placing them on top of bookshelves so that they can cascade down the sides and add a vertical element of green to the space. On the other hand, climbing plants will benefit from wall clips to let the plant be your feature wall design!

Try not to have too many large plants all together in one place. Spread them out around your home! If you have a few that look quite good together, consider getting plant stands of various heights to add some depth and dimension to the space. You can also condense what you have by potting compatible plants together or buying vertically tiered shelves to place them on so that they take up less square footage.

Displaying Flowers

Flowers are great on tables and mantels, but you can also get creative to meet the needs of your space! If you want something shorter on your kitchen table, make an oval floral arrangement with short stems so that the flowers are shown off, but they won’t be blocking the view of your dinner guests.

Don’t underestimate the power of a single, stunning bloom! A gerbera or a rose in a slender vase is beautiful on a vanity or on a windowsill. Not all displays have to be extravagant to be impactful when it comes to decorating your space.

Eising garden centre-displaying flowers

Once your flowers start to wilt, consider drying them for that antique appeal. A single dried rose in a fancy rum bottle with a sprig of baby’s breath can be a lovely addition to any bookshelf or bathroom counter. You can also fill decorative vases with dried rose and flower petals for something unique and colourful.

Whether you want to learn how to display air plants, succulents, flowers, or crawling vines, Eising Garden Centre can provide you with everything you need to make your houseplant displays perfect.

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