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Holiday Decorating Tips

October 31, 2023
Written by The Eising Team

Christmas gatherings are special, even without any holiday decorations. A certain Cindy Loo Who schooled the Grinch on that! But oh how special a gathering feels when you’re surrounded by festive lights, and some fresh greenery to liven things up. It truly does make a dinner or party more magical. 

While there are folks who can’t wait to unleash the holiday spirit and begin decorating, it may seem a little too overwhelming for some. We’re here to help, no matter which camp you’re in! 

If decorating comes easy to you, stop by Eising Greenhouses when you’re ready for fresh greenery, planters and some new decor. 

If the thought of decorating is daunting, here are five simple steps to make it easier - for Christmas, or any special holiday!

5 Simple Steps for Easy Christmas Decorating

1 - Where to decorate. Even if it seems like it’s too early, pour yourself a cup of tea, crack open a notepad and let your imagination begin to percolate. Think about the area(s) you would like to “spruce” up!  Front entrance? Living room? Dining room? Think about things like where in the house your party will take place, and whether or not you want a theme or a specific colour palette. Pinterest can help if you need inspiration and we have some Holiday Home Decor Ideas You Can Make Yourself to inspire you as well.

2 - Plan early. Look at your ‘Where To Decorate’ ideas and begin to create a wish list. What will you need to decorate the space(s) you’re imagining? Garland? Wreaths? Centrepieces? A tree? Once you have a wish list, make a plan for what to buy, and what to make.

3 - Schedule it. One of our family’s mottos is that if it’s not scheduled and on the calendar, it never happens. If you find that’s the case for you, use the plan you’ve made and begin to schedule dates to pick up the things you will need, and when you will make or decorate. Next, invite family and friends to join in. Why do this alone? Decorating can be a big part of holiday fun. For example, have everything ready to make or decorate while you watch your favourite holiday movies with friends or family.

4 - Declutter. Now that you have a plan and dates are set, reducing what is in the space will make decorating easier when that day comes. Move, or pack away anything that will limit space or detract from the new holiday decor you’re planning. Editing and clearing out what you have will really draw attention to the Christmas items you’re about to add!

5 - Incorporate natural elements. The holidays are the best time of year to incorporate natural decorations. It’s the only time of year we bring evergreens to the front porch and into our living room. If you’ve never used them, here is our How to Decorate with Fresh Greenery for Christmas guide. 

Then, come see us at Eising Greenhouses, and pick out your fresh greenery, wreaths and decorations. You can also select from holiday plants like Amaryllis, Paperwhites and Christmas Cactus, and our arranged-for-you planters, urns and centrepieces. We can even create a custom arrangement in one of your favourite vases, urns, or that big Grinch-themed gravy boat from Aunt Martha if you leave it with us! 

We hope these five tips and our holiday decorations help to make your Yule celebrations brighter, so you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of the holiday season!

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