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Herbs for Your Kitchen

April 30, 2019
Written by Aaron

Gardening goes with your kitchen like peanut butter pairs with jelly. They just seem to make each other that much better! You’ll love growing useful plants and flavors, and your kitchen will love all of the garden-fresh ingredients to elevate your dishes to the next level. But you don’t need a bit garden plot to get the best of both worlds — in fact, you can grow everything you need to step up your dinner table experience right in your kitchen!

Herbs in the Kitchen

Most of your kitchen’s favourite herb flavors are hardy growers that are happy to sprout anywhere - including the windowsill in your kitchen. All you need is a spot with a little bit of sunlight and you’ll have freshest herbs on-hand to take bits of for everyday dishes.

There’s tonnes of benefits to having your herbs grow in your kitchen, and only a few of them are all of the awesome fresh flavors that you’ll get — though we promise that once you try fresh you’ll never want to go back to dried. Think about all of these other perks that go further than what you eat:

A little bit of something green and thriving is a perfect indoor pick-me-up. There’s nothing like something that you’ve nurtured and grown sitting right there in your living space to be enjoyed - especially when the weather is cold.

These herbs pack quite the flavor, but they are also fragrant aromatics. If you want your kitchen to feel a bit homier, and to have that faint fresh scent all the time, growing aromatic herbs is a great place to start!

The rest of your garden is pretty bound by the seasons, but indoor plants can thrive all year long! You don’t quit looking for the best flavor when the weather outside is frozen, so why should your cooking suffer? Fresh herbs are welcome in your food all days of the year, and growing indoors is the perfect way to step up your kitchen, every day and every season.

The Perfect Herbs for Kitchen Gardens

Realistically, the best herbs to grow in your kitchen are the ones that you already use a lot of in your cooking, because you’ll make the most of them. Most herbs are aggressive growers and will thrive the more you tear off branches to use in your cooking, so your most common flavors are sure to do the best in your kitchen!

Here are some of our favourite herbs that grow great in a little pot indoors, and how we love to see their flavors show up on our kitchen table:

Rosemary: This Mediterranean herb is a foolproof way to start your kitchen garden. Given a spot with some light and some well-draining soil, you’ll be thrilled to see how well it grows. Supremely aromatic and flavorful, this is a great choice for Mediterranean cooking or pairing with steaks and poultry. The flavor releases with more heat, so add it early in the cooking stages to get the best taste.

Thyme: Another dry-condition grower, this herb is a great partner to grow with rosemary. With finer leaves and a bushy habit, thyme is ideal for pairing with poultry dishes. You’ll really appreciate the fresh herbs in colder weather, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is when this herb shines most.

Basil: With a bit of a reputation as a tougher plant to grow, basil can thrive in your kitchen if you find that “just right” middle ground for growing conditions. A Goldilocks plant, it doesn’t like things too moist or too dry, and prefers just the right amount of light. Once you’ve found that sweet spot, though, you’ll have more bountiful basil than you know what to do with! Try mixing these fragrant leaves into summer salads or on the barbeque. The complex flavors of this plant are sensitive to heat, so add it at the very end of cooking for the best effect.

Mint: For a taste of something different from the rest of your more “earthy” herbs, grow some mint! This herb is from a more moist homeland, so keep their container well-watered (but not soggy!) for the best results. Mint is a surprise addition to any dish and is also the perfect ingredient to take your cocktails and beverages to the next level.

Sage: For a bold taste that tastes so much better fresh than dried, try sage. These plants are easy to please with some good drainage and a consistent care schedule, you won’t be stressed keeping them alive. Not only tasting great, they also smell amazing, which you’ll notice every time you walk past or touch them. Try sage in your poultry dishes by including it in your marinade.

Growing herbs in the kitchen is the perfect way to pick up your mood and elevate your cooking every day! Feel free to tear into your herbs as they only grow back more enthusiastically — as long as you don’t take away more than 1/3 of the plant at once. If you grow your own fresh herbs right there in the kitchen, you’ll have an oh-so convenient way to rake in the compliments for your cooking.

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