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Fresh Spring Fashion

May 16, 2024
Written by The Eising Team

Sunny, fresh fashion trends are brightening the 2024 wardrobe landscape right now, and it is inspiring! Dreamy colours and bold florals are blooming inside Sassyfras Boutique at Eising Garden Centre. Take a look at what’s new for May and June 2024!

Bloom Boom

While there are plenty of natural colours and fabulous flowers in the greenhouses, the bold flower and foliage patterns in intense shades in Sassyfras are blooming gorgeous. Sassy floral patterns and colours are hot, hot, hot!

Flattering Frocks

Looking for a dress that you’ll want to wear all summer long? Let’s face it, nothing is cooler or more carefree on a hot day than a great dress. Check out the cheerful patterns, and a range of fabrics and fits for every occasion.

Harmonious Hues

If you've been wearing monochromatic outfits in black-on-black, try switching to pastels or the very popular primary blues available now. Pick a tone or two you love and wear it from head to toe.

Sandy Shades

For a more classic look, choose staples in neutral shades like sand, white, caramel and coffee. Layer similar colours for a polished and subdued palette that conjures images of the beach…and the coffee shop!

Keep Your Cool

Comfortable, casual and timeless, linen fabric is a popular choice for warm weather clothing. A natural fibre that’s derived from the flax plant, it’s been manufactured for thousands of years. Come in and check out the effortlessly chic brand new linen styles in store. These durable, breathable and lightweight linen creations will soon become your favourites on the hottest days of the summer.

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