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Favourite Fall Decorating Ideas

August 30, 2023
Written by The Eising Team

As Summer winds down, you may find the plants that have been producing blooms for months are now slowing down, and it’s time to add a touch of fall to your gardens and décor.

Wondering where to begin?  We’re looking to nature for inspiration, and sharing our favourite ideas and tips to create your own cozy sanctuary, inside or outside.

4 Easy Steps for Fall Decorating

1) Switch It Up

Remove summer annuals and planters that are looking tired in the garden, and replace them with plants that will carry you through the fall, and cooler weather.  At Eising Garden Centre you’ll find ornamental peppers and kale, amaranth, and of course, chrysanthemums. Or, try out our very popular Porch Packages which will be available beginning September 9, 2023. Choose all the plants and pumpkins you love from the Porch Package list and create a fall mood anywhere in one swoop! Just pick it, drop it, and you’re done. How’s that for making decorating fun, fast, and easy?

2) Mimic Nature's Colours

Take your cue from what’s in the garden now. Warming colours found in nature are a sure sign of Autumn and can warm an indoor space too. Try popular muted shades of orange, moss green, coffee, turmeric, and rust.  If your style is monochromatic, and you have a display of white flowers, try adding one bright orange chrysanthemum.

3) Layer Textures - Here's How

Is there anything more inviting than a chunky knit throw on a cool autumn day?  Adding throws that are knit, or made of rich fabrics is the first step in creating a cozy sanctuary.  If you’re heading to the backyard for a gathering, bring along a basket of throws for guests. Along with a throw, add some pillows in seasonal colours and prints, like a bold plaid.  If your sitting area is neutral, or muted shades, try adding a pop of colour with a pillow to brighten things up.

Last but not least - flowers and plants bring an indoor space to life! Buy a wreath or garland, or make one, using dried hydrangea, boxwood, cedar, or any garden material that looks good right now. Adding a vase or container with dried pampas grass, and dried hydrangea or fresh flowers will enhance the natural theme and layers that you’re creating.

Layering also works for fall fashion.  It’s practical, with daytime temperatures fluctuating, but layering is what creates a great fall look. Jeans and a cozy top, layered with a shacket is perfect for Fall weather.

4) Light and Scent

Two essential and often overlooked aspects when decorating are embellished lighting, and warm, inviting scents. Fairy lights, a glass lantern and votive candle, paper lanterns, a string of bulbs, and a really beautiful candle all go a long way to adding that final bit of magic to your sanctuary.  Stick with warming, woodsy scents in your dried arrangement by adding a drop of essential oil, or when using candles. 

Another great way to add beautiful scents is to make, or warm up a delicious baked treat!  Family and friends are sure to gather when the smell of an apple pie wafts from the kitchen.  Now that everything is looking so festive, why not have a party? Coming up soon, we’ll share some fun fall activities to enjoy in the backyard or the living room.

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