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Best Tomato Varieties of 2020

May 25, 2020
Written by Aaron

The flavour of homegrown tomatoes is like nothing else, and tomatoes are pretty easy to grow in Southern Ontario. With all that classic, juicy flavour, it's so satisfying to serve your family beautiful and tasty tomatoes that you grew yourself. Some of the more unique varieties are surprisingly beautiful plants as well—especially when they're loaded with brightly-coloured fruit! 

Here are some of our favourite tomato varieties for 2020!

Little Sicily is the perfect patio tomato, delivering lots of tomatoes with excellent flavour on a plant that stays under 2 feet tall!

Candyland Red is a currant tomato—slightly smaller than the cherry size. The sweet flavour of these dark red fruits can be enjoyed all season long.

Glamour is an early producing tomato, with large crack-resistant fruits. These are a delicious all-around tomato, great for sandwiches, salads, slicing, and canning.

Great White is a large, yellow-white tomato with a delicate tropical flavour and low acidity. These are the best when eaten immediately after harvesting! Great White is pleasant and mild, and perfect for folks who are sensitive to acidic foods.

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Green Zebra is a green and yellow striped tomato with a tart and rich flavour. It's a little smaller than your average grocery store tomato. Let them ripen fully on the vine before picking to enjoy their full, balanced flavour.

Pineapple is a sizeable bright-yellow tomato known for its refreshing citrusy flavour. These are super sweet with lower acid levels than other yellow tomatoes. Pineapple tomatoes can weigh up to 1 pound each and are perfect for sandwiches!

Better Boy is the perfect classic red tomato. Its the perfect balance of tart and sweet, and it produces an amazing amount of fruit in one season. This excellent slicing tomato grows well almost anywhere.

Bush Beefsteak is the perfect beefsteak variety for patios. It delivers large and flavourful fruit early in the season, maturing in just 62 days. The plant stays much more compact than other beefsteak varieties. 

Whatever variety of tomatoes you choose to grow, you can be sure they'll taste amazing. You'll be able to show off your delicious homegrown fruit in all sorts of meals—from salads to kebabs, soups to sauces, and burgers to sandwiches. All of these varieties are disease resistant and will grow well in Simcoe!

best tomato varieties of 2020 eising simcoe ontario beefsteak bush

Tomatoes are pretty simple to care for, but there are a few basics to keep in mind. These garden favourites are heavy feeders, and they're also very thirsty. Because they grow so fast, they use up nutrients in the soil fast. Fertilize your tomatoes once a week to ensure they have the nutrients they need to produce the best possible flavour. During the summer, you may need to water your tomatoes daily, especially if they are in pots. Growing as fast and as large as they do, tomatoes use up water very quickly. Make sure they're watered consistently, without getting too dry in between, to prevent blossom end rot

Ready to start growing tomatoes for your summer BBQs, picnics, and block parties? Stop by our Garden Centre; we've got many more delicious and beautiful varieties to choose from!

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