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Celebrate Canada Day With These Red And White Annuals

June 23, 2020
Written by Aaron

We love decorating for Canada Day, but lately we’ve been compelled to avoid buying disposable plastic decorations, and instead look for eco-friendly alternatives. We figured, what better way to show your Canadian pride than through your garden? A red and white décor colour palette is so timeless and beautiful, and it’s all the more festive once July 1st rolls around!

Want some intel on the best new annuals to plant in your Canada Day themed garden? Here are some of our favourites for summer 2020 here in Simcoe. Our online store is now up and running, so if you don’t feel like swinging by the garden centre, you can order these beauties for citywide delivery! 

Red Annual Plants And Flowers For Canada Day

Red is such a powerful, vibrant colour that makes a strong impact, yet it’s so versatile and classic. Plant these fire ultra-red flowers and plants in your yard, for a gorgeous pop of colour that brings to mind that big, bright red maple leaf we all know and love. 

Whopper Begonia: Bronze Red

This shade-tolerant flower never fails to brighten up the darker corners of our yards, bursting with red blossoms reaching up to 3 inches wide. The bronze leaves kind of have a warmer, reddish cast to them too, so they’ll really help to create a streamlined, consistent colour scheme. Grow them with ease in garden beds or containers, and they’ll treat you with blossoms from spring until fall.

Coleus: Red Wizard

This high-impact foliage plant is perfect for Canada Day—candy apple red with a skinny white trim! Ideally, some morning sun and dappled afternoon shade will help your coleus to grow lush and bright, and you’ll need to water them extra often if they’re in a container. Coleus are fun to grow, because you can propagate them by simply placing cuttings in a cup of water, so you can easily turn one plant into several to give away to friends and family.

Crimson Mandevilla

These romantic vining plants grow so rapidly, by the end of the summer their volume and size is colossal. They’re often grown in containers or hanging baskets, but if you want a really impressive display that boasts Canada’s colours, grow them on a tall, white trellis so they can climb right up. We recommend growing them in full sun, near a wall to give them some protection from the wind.

Red Impatiens

Shade-tolerant, low-maintenance, and self-cleaning—there’s just so many reasons why these annuals remain to be some of the most popular flowers year after year. Impatiens grown in containers will probably need daily watering, but if you have a shaded garden bed with a layer of mulch, you can get away with watering them about twice per week. For ultimate blooming action, add water soluble fertilizer every two weeks until the end of summer. 

White Annual Plants And Flowers For Canada Day

White flowers and icy, frosted foliage are so incomparably elegant and lovely in the garden, and they always match your home’s outdoor colour palette, whether it’s cool or warm. Try some of these creamy white flowers and foliage plants in your Canada Day garden! 

Helichrysum: Silver Spike

The silvery white, slender, spiky leaves of this plant look like a burst of fireworks—extra appropriate for this national holiday! They’re especially beautiful in mixed container arrangements, bringing contrasting colour and texture that really stands out among ruffly flowers in ultra-rich hues. Plant in full sun!

White Heliotrope

These clusters of little white blossoms look just like scoops of vanilla ice cream, and the best part is, they smell like it too! You can enjoy the flowers of this continuous bloomer all the way until the first frost of winter. It gets its name from the Greek words “helios” (sun) and “tropos” (turn) because the flower heads turn to face the sunlight! 

Hypoestes: White Splash

Also known as the Polka Dot Plant, this variety of hypoestes is totally covered in white speckles and splotches. It likes full sun, lots of water, weekly fertilizer in the summer, and fast-draining soil. They look especially cute as potted plants, and since it’s rare for one plant to survive more than a year, we recommend propagating a cutting so you can enjoy it as a houseplant at the end of the growing season. 

Nonstop Begonia: White/Bronze

The massive double flower heads on this gorgeous annual flower are just like big, fluffy clouds. Through summer until mid-autumn, you can enjoy these long lasting blooms that sit in a bed of dramatic, dark foliage—deep greenish-bronze with hints of red. Partial shade is totally comfortable for this variety, but try to avoid complete shade if possible. 


Have a happy and safe Canada Day, from all of us at Eising Greenhouse and Garden Centre! If there are any tools or supplies you need in time for your backyard barbecue party, we’ve got you covered. Visit us in-store or shop online for all your backyard entertaining needs. 

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