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Caring for Christmas Greenery

December 6, 2023
Written by The Eising Team

Ah, the smell of fresh greenery! There’s something extra special about decorating for Christmas with fresh evergreen branches.

The holidays are the best time to bring the outdoors in. After all, what better time is there than when we’re longing for some green in a winter world that’s predominantly brown, or snowy white? Or, you may simply be searching for the nostalgic smell and sight of fresh holiday decorations.

In southern Ontario, evergreens last the longest outdoors during our winters. But how do you keep your pine, cedar, fir and spruce branches looking fresh and lovely all season long? Give these tips a try.

Start Fresh

Whether you are making decorations, or buying them, start with freshly harvested branches.

Cut each stem on an angle to increase the water absorption rate, and place the stems in a bucket of water for several hours before using them. As you’re cutting each branch, be sure to check for any pests first.

At this point, your greens are ready to arrange into wreaths, swags, garlands, containers or whatever you’re making.

For indoor arrangements, oasis or floral foam that has been soaked in water, and secured in your container creates a solid base to work with. Fill outdoor urns or containers with moist soil, or a combination of oasis and damp soil to insert the branches into and hold them in place. Both methods will help to keep your plant material hydrated.

Prevent Dehydration

Before adding decorative elements, lightly mist your evergreen arrangements, wreaths, swags and garlands with an anti-dessicant spray. Doing this provides a protective barrier and reduces moisture loss.

Placement and Care

Keep outdoor arrangements sheltered from direct sunlight and strong winds if possible. Likewise, keep indoor arrangements away from sunlight, and heat sources like vents and radiators.

Evergreens can dry out very quickly. Keep arrangements watered (for outdoor arrangements, water when the soil is not frozen), and mist garlands, swags, and wreaths with water frequently. Avoid overwatering though! It’s a good idea to water or mist in the morning so that any excess moisture evaporates or can be drained if not absorbed after about an hour.

Following these steps should keep your decorations looking fresh through the holiday season and beyond!

If you would like more help with homemade decorating ideas, check out our DIY Fresh Evergreen Decor guide and our Holiday Home Decor Ideas.

Or, stop by and see us at Eising Greenhouses and Garden Centre in Simcoe for inspiration and choose from our selection of:

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If you’re heading to a holiday party, we have lots to choose from as gifts, or items to add to your arrangements, or to fill a spot in your home that needs a little extra holiday cheer!

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