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Go Outside And Play! 5 Awesome Outdoor Activities For Kids

April 27, 2020
Written by Aaron

As we all start to settle into our new routines and get the hang of homeschooling (common core math, anyone?), we're quickly realizing how important it is to have some variety in our lives. Too much monotony can make us pretty squirrelly—kids especially—so breaking up long stretches of time indoors with fresh air and exercise really helps the cause. After all, that's why schools have recess. 

Time spent working is more productive and valuable when you get the chance to get some sunshine, so it's good to try and squeak in a couple of 20 - 60 minute activity breaks outdoors. It isn't always easy to think of activities to keep kids occupied when you're juggling all the other duties at home, but these six ideas for outdoor games should go over well with the little ones. 

5 Creative Outdoor Games For Kids 

Soak up some sun and enjoy some playtime with your kids; it's amazing how quickly it can lift the spirits and give you a second wind to tackle your next project. These fun activities will require you to help with setup and supervision, but you'll still be able to get a chance to kick back and enjoy a cold drink in a lawn chair while the young ones run around. A little exercise and a little relaxation—the best of both worlds!

Make a Chalk Obstacle Course

A set of rainbow chalk and a little imagination is all you need to create a wacky obstacle course all the way down your sidewalk. You can help them with the colouring, and then sit back and watch while they run through it over and over. Of course, there are the classics like hopscotch, but you and your kids can probably come up with some more creative ideas. 

For example, you can colour a long stretch of bright orange and red lava, then add a few "stepping stones" to hop on. Draw a big, long, slithering anaconda and walk on it like a tightrope! Add in some squares with different actions like "Hop on one foot ten times," or "Spin around five times." Use the stopwatch on your phone to time their runs through the course and challenge them to try and get the fastest time they can! 

Paint Some Rocks

Rock art can be a fun, inexpensive outdoor art project that kids of all ages can enjoy. The little ones can go the abstract route, covering rocks with fun splashes of colour (these actually look really pretty lined up on a windowsill or placed throughout the garden!). Older kids with more developed motor skills can try painting scenes on rocks or transforming them into their favourite characters. To avoid getting paint on the grass or cement, put an old bedsheet or some sheets of newspaper down. Make sure to provide plenty of paper towels along with a basin full of water!

Melt Old Crayons Into New Ones

If you've got cookie cutters, tin foil, old crayons, a cookie sheet, and a sunny afternoon, then you can pull off this super fun outdoor activity that gives new life to old, broken crayons. Cover the cookie sheet in tin foil and arrange the cookie cutters on top. Peel off any labels remaining on the crayons, snap the bigger ones in half, and put a mix of assorted coloured crayon bits in each cookie cutter. After you've got them all set up in the sunshine to start melting, you can go back inside for another activity, and then come back out to retrieve them once they've melted. Place the cookie sheet on the counter to cool off, and then once they're solid, pop out your new crayons and get colouring!

Let Them Power Wash The Windows

Okay, hear us out—kids love any opportunity to play with tools, and a sprayer nozzle on the garden hose is arguably the safest tool out there. If your windows are looking a bit mucky now that the snow has cleared, let your kids blast off all the dirt! You'll be amazed at how eager they are to help you clean. "Power washing" with the hose is definitely one of the most fun chores around. If they can't get enough, ask them to give the patio furniture or the family car a good rinse!

Plant A Kid-Friendly Garden

Of course, we're a little biased, but we think gardening with kids is one of the best outdoor activities imaginable. It's like a long-term, hands-on science lesson that results in some pretty spectacular end results. Sprout some seeds on the windowsill, or pick up some small starter plants. Grab them some child-sized garden tools and gloves so they can dig up some holes and get all their flowers and vegetable plants in place.

Encourage them to make some little signs to stick in the garden so they can keep track of which plant is which. It's a great way to expand on their vocabulary and work on their printing skills! Make a plant journal for them, and take note of exciting new developments or growth spurts in the garden. They'll love the sense of ownership they feel for their personal gardening project, and at the end of the summer, you'll have a cool memento to hold onto and look back on. 


Spending time out in nature and getting some exercise is so important, whether you're 8 years old or 80. Check out our new web store to see all the brand new stuff we've got in for gardening and outdoor activities! Remember, we have curbside pickup service available to make your spring plant purchasing as fuss-free as possible! 

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