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Cedar Hedging for Privacy

August 9, 2021
Written by Aaron

If there is one thing that we can all agree on when it comes to our backyard—it’s that privacy is pretty important. Whether you have a massive yard, or a tiny one, creating a barrier between your personal space and the outside world is ideal. The best way to create privacy in your yard is by installing wood fencing or planting hedges or shrubs—and we are rather partial to cedar in both forms. In addition to being great for blocking noise pollution, cedar shrubs will also give you the visual privacy and greenery we all love to experience in our yards.

These are some of our favourite, easy-to-grow cedar shrubs to plant for privacy hedges which will make hanging out in your backyard feel like a vacation every day of the year.

emerald cedar

Emerald Cedar

Emerald cedar shrubs have a conical shape featuring bright green foliage and, when planted together, will form a row of tall privacy hedges in your yard. Emerald cedar shrubs (also commonly referred to as arborvitae) should be planted in an area where they get a relatively large amount of sun and should be watered well, particularly when they are young. These privacy shrubs will grow to approximately 15 feet tall and roughly three to four feet wide at maturity. Emerald’s, along with the rest of the cedar shrubs on this list will benefit from winter protection like a layer of burlap, which will help to keep delicate branches from snapping under the weight of heavy snowfall.

Degroot’s Spire Cedar

When planting for a privacy hedge, you will need a little bit of patience when it comes to Degroot’s Spire as they are one of the more slow-growing shrubs, but they are well worth the wait. They are hardy cedar shrubs that grow up to 20 feet in height and three to four feet wide at maturity and make for a great privacy screen. The tall, narrow Degroot’s shrub tolerates a wide variety of well-draining soils. While they are hardy, they will benefit from periodic deep watering during periods of drought, particularly while they are young.

cedar 'brabant'

White Cedar ‘Brabant’

This coniferous shrub’s compact growth habit makes it an ideal cedar for privacy fencing. If colour is what you’re after, you’ll love Brabant. Their sprays of scale-like leaves grow in a vibrant yellow-green hue that will brighten up your yard in an instant. These cedar shrubs have an average annual growth rate of a staggering 20 to 30 centimetres a year, making them a popular choice for those looking to create privacy fencing fast. It is relatively low-maintenance when it comes to pruning and will quickly create that dense, natural privacy wall you’re looking for.

Yellow Ribbon Cedar

Yellow Ribbon Cedar is a dense evergreen shrub that is native to both central and eastern Canada, making it a relatively easy-to-grow option for privacy fencing. They produce new growth in a golden hue that eventually matures to green, offering year-round interest and colour. They usually grow to a mature height of anywhere from eight to 10 feet tall, making them an ideal shrub to use for privacy fencing, but their slow growth rate also makes them easy to maintain whatever shape or size you desire.

Alternative Cedar Fencing Options

If shrubs are not your preferred method of creating privacy, we do also recommend cedar as an ideal alternative for wood fencing. It’s a perfect material for wood fencing as it is naturally rot-resistant and does not require pressure treatment. It doesn’t warp or shrink, and it will generally stand the test of time.

If you want to create a unique look, horizontal cedar fencing has recently seen a surge in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Horizontal cedar fencing can make your yard look more spacious and really just elevate the appearance of your backyard overall.

We hope this deep dive into some of our favourite cedar shrubs to plant for privacy has been helpful! If you’re looking for cedar shrubs for sale in Simcoe, be sure to stop by to see what we have in stock. Our in-house experts would be more than happy to select the best variety for your yard and answer any burning privacy fencing questions you might have!

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